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A good case for "Lock 'em up and...."

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by gegvasco, Dec 24, 2007.

  1. http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2007/12/24/2126962.htm?section=justin
    Some things in this world just make you sick to the stomach. I hope whoever is responsible for this has a REALLY hard time in prison, for a VERY long time.

  2. i know, and i heard on the news that they wont face charges. I mean basically you can kill your kid, lock them in a car and then say "oh i totally forgot!"
  3. dude there kid died give em a brake
  4. Negligence is negligence. Should we give the maggot who starved his 6-year old to death while locked in her room a break as well, just because he is apparently grieving? No way! A kid is dead because of their actions, or inaction as the case may be. Heard of manslaughter?
  5. i rarely disagree with you dood, but i got a couple of kids, and even constructing another.
    these parents make me sick, and make me want to cause grievous bodily harm to them.
    a child has little choice, and its a fu(ked world out there as it is.
    the least we can do as parents is ensure their safety, to the best of our ability, at all times.
    hang the bastards, i say.
  6. :WStupid:

    We need to pass certain tests in order to legally be in control of a car, ride a motorcycle, go boating, jet-skiing, etc.. then are issued with the appropriate licence.
    Unfortunately No training, Qualifications or Licence is required to become a parent and be responsible for the life of a child.

    Makes me sick
  7. Heard of:
    actus reus and mens rea??
  8. Heard of:
    strict/absolute liability??
  9. :LOL:

    I love armchair lawyers :p
  10. Heard of:
  11. No...

  12. :LOL: :LOL:
    Exactly joel, you are spot on. Not knowing that you are going 50k above the speed limit with your motorcycle is not an excuse to avoid the fine. You are absolute liable for your speed, knowing or not.. So should parents for their kids.
    forgive my legal lingo, i'm no lawyer so i'm a bit stretched but you get the point..
  13. Well it appears that this set of opinions is over.


    It seems there is a case for birth control :roll:

    Easy to misplace one!
  14. "At this stage" - it took them a couple of days to charge the couple who starved their 6-year old. It doesn't have to be the couple either - maybe they asked a family friend or one of their other kids to get the kid out of the car and they forgot. If that person was underage, would the major crime squad then consider this to be no criminality as the person was a minor?
  15. Ohhhh I love it when someone speaks Latin!!! :p
  16. He's actually an ex cop. Qualifies him to use the big words... (IMO) anyway.
    Just by the way, they mean the act (that caused the death) and the intent to commit the act. Both elements are necessary for a conviction of most crimes, something he (Tweet) needed to know for his job.

    By the way, I agree that some people should be sterilised after the 1st!
  17. In which case, I then take it that Tweet's comment implied that there was no intent, therefore no crime. I would love to know what he really meant beyond his usual sniping - knowledge is power isn't it! If so, please explain to me how there can ever be a case of manslaughter or even negligent driving? If a rider can get booked for being negligent for clobbering a roo on a country highway(no intent) then how can someone not be found criminally negligent in this case, intent or otherwise.

    Life seems a whole lot simpler in the military - we use an effects based approach in many things, including discipline. It happened, someone is going to wear it for it because it shouldn't have happened, now who's up for it and what excuses do they have. Keeping in mind that excuses are like assholes - everyone has one.
  18. \
    Have a family with some kids then get back to us :roll:
  19. I know :)

    Yes, most crimes... if we are talking about manslaughter (the most likely charge in this instance) his comment is mostly irrelevant.

    If you are a criminal lawyer (your posts suggest you have experience in some legal field) you have probably noticed that many police officers have a pretty poor understanding of the law and its application. No offence intended to Tweet, I don't know him personally.

    Or perhaps earlier in some cases :LOL:
  20. Me no lawyer, but..
    a) actus reus and mens rea
    b) absolute liability
    etc etc etc
    Every jurisdiction (state/country/army etc) has it's own rules. Some observe both a+b, some none. Common Law has multiple dimensions.

    Here and now (b) is for commercial law and traffic violations:
    "Not knowing that you are going 50k above the speed limit with your motorcycle is not an excuse to avoid the fine. You are absolute liable for your speed, knowing or not"
    a) for criminal law a) an act does not make a person guilty unless their mind is also guilty.

    Did the parents do it intentional? Guilty. They didn't; not guilty.

    The good thing about justice is that a Judge and a jury will translate those laws and give true justice.
    What if this was an unlucky strike, a misunderstanding, i'll be back in a minute and then i got stuck in the other house, but i knew my wife would be back in 5 min and i forgot my mobile, but she got stuck too but she thought i would be there etc.etc.
    There is much more than meets the eye , than the smh headlines..

    PS..If that was my kid, i would have committed suicide within a week.