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A good book i recomend readin.

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by SOBIL, Dec 15, 2005.

  1. Hey people.

    was shopping at southland today and in the bookshop i came across a gem of a book. Its called "Highside - Our love affair with the motorcycle", by Bruce Williams

    Its a very picture full book with stories of motorcyclists stories. Ive just started readin it but should be done in a week or too. (im a bit slow at reading)


  2. Can we do a Mash thing and tear out the pages you have read and pass them on :p . How much Sobil ?
  3. Thanks for that SOBIL, i might have to check it out. Especially with Christmas coming up i could add it to my list of ides for people!
  4. The only bike books i have read are the twist the wrist (apart from magazines) I have 1 to recommend but only Vic would be interested in it.I should add it's not a p0rn book but a book about photography .
  5. Thanks for the tip....never heard of it before.

  6. ooohhhhh which one? there are several good books on how to write with light :D

    Speaking of books, work ha some bloody bargains atm, selling a heap of books cheap. I picked up a 2002-2003 F1 review book for $10.

    They have a couple fo bike books as well, i know there is a Barry Sheene book for $10, just glanced at it, havent actually looked at it.
  7. You bastard! Going have to do a quick elfster return now and think of something else :D
  8. vic wrote
    Digital SLR Materclass by Andy Rouse . Have you heard of it or him ? I've been told he is a highly respected photographer .
  9. It's an intersting book. I think there is a story with Steve Martin the WSBK racer in it.
  10. If you want photographic books, the three by Ansel Adams should be required reading for any budding photographer - they really have some excellent information, even in this day and age of digital - the principle still apply.

    Otherwise I have one called "Shooting the Natural Landscape" which is excellent.
  11. cool another book to add to the list. i've sorta been half arsed looking for "a twist of the wrist" can i just ask a bookshop to order it? and there is a second edition yes?