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a good bike? in your opinion..

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by shmee, Oct 28, 2006.

  1. hi,
    first time poster, i've been looking into buying my first bike.
    im in vic
    6 foot 1 male
    want a sporty bike
    looking to spend no more than 5k (prefer around 4k)
    have been considering the kawa zzr, gpx, zx2r and the yamaha fzr.
    i know the fzr is a grey import, but as i will probably only insure third party it seems to make little difference, but this zx2r is my fav at the moment.
    anyone know much about it? any problems it may be prone to, and if the price is fairly reasonable? considering what we know without an inspection. also in your opinion will my height be an issue with any of the bikes im interested in? unfortunately as a learner i cant really test ride..
    any help will be appreciated.

  2. In my opinion a later model ZZR would be the go. You will pick one up around the same price that the ZX2R is going for. Make sure you get an OZ delivered one, and steer clear of imports is my advice, but some wil tell you different. Good luck with it all..
  3. Any of the bikes you listed would be fine if you can find a good one. I wouldn't worry too much about the FZR being a grey import - it's not likely to have been any more thrashed than a locally delivered bike and they're popular enough that it shouldn't be too hard to source parts. In the end going to come down to which one you like the look of the most and/or find the most comfortable.
    Edit: You really need to at least sit on each of the bikes you're considering to see which is best suited to you.
  4. I've got a ZXR250C refered to as a zx2r sometimes.
    The C model seat is a bit lower I think compared to the A model.
    I've got short stumpy legs and after a long ride they get cramps. Don't know if your longer legs might.
    you can get them around that price if you look hard enough but might find them a bit rough.

    everynow and then it doesn't start
    but apart from that no major issues that I can think of that can't be addressed if I wasn't lazy

    GO NINJA! :grin:
  5. Mate, being a 6'2 95 kg guy myself, i'd say steer clear of the gpx, great little bike but too small.. I can't wait to get off my restrictions (as much to get a bigger bike as a faster one). I reckon out of all those listed a zzr would be best, or an across (if you can handle the stigma)
  6. thanks for the info guys, i will make a better informed decision in the hear future and let u know :grin:
    while im at it, do you think a good pair of steel capped blundestones would do the trick in a 60 kph accident?
  7. Re the blundstones.....
    consider your toes a gonna if they get squashed.
    The steel cap will amputate them.
    I saw some pics that were posted on here a while back and it looked like pink toothpaste squirting out the sides of the steel capped blundstones.
  8. Are you Kidding?

    Blundestones are designed to slip-on and off.
    What do you this is going to happen in an accident……?

    If you’re a bit hard up for $$$, you try to get a pair of boots from Aldi at the moment.
    Or check out you local bike shop, they might have last years boots on special.
  9. thanks,
    better i know that now rather than later..
  10. if not for the zx2r from the above post, i was thinking of getting something from Sumoto in melbourne, they seem to have a good range of pretty cheap bikes, and a starter pack for free sounds good.
  11. *winces* I'd do a search here on Sumoto - you may get a variety of opinions. I've never used them (heck, I don't even know where they're located) but look before you leap :wink:
  12. I'm hoping your joking about Sumoto, but hey it's your money. Just do a quick search around on these forums for the general Sumoto opinion.

    At 6'3" (80kg) my main problem on a 250 was something that was comfortable enough. I ended up on a '91 FZR250 and i loved it! The CBR's gave me weird back spasms, whereas the ZXR's were out of my price range. If money is no object i'd say find a nice ZXR250C; with all the nice hardware on them (USD fully adjustable forks) they're a great bike to learn and also to push quite hard.
  13. It's a pity the search function isn't working at the moment - otherwise you'd be able to find the many posts warning against going to Sumoto. They're certainly good to check out all the different 250s in one place - but their prices are ridiculously high for bikes that are 15+ years old (even if they are "2006 complianced"). Most dealers can be talked into throwing in some free or heavily discounted gear if you're buying a bike off them - and you'll be able to pick out stuff that's of a decent quality and/or actually fits.
  14. thanks for another tip, looks like i got a bit to learn
  15. not a mythbusters fan?? :p :p
  16. I was thinking that. Caz what he's referring to is a Mythbusters test regarding steel-capped boots cutting off your toes. They found that the force required to crush steel caps so they would sever your toes was so great that without the steel caps you toes would be complete mush anyway.

    Blundstones aren't suitable for riding though, no. No ankle protection, and they won't stay on your feet. Ankles are really the most at risk IMO, so armoured boots are really what you need.
  17. I'd rather steel capped boots than runners.
    In one of the many accidents I had, I was wearing steel capped boots.
    In that accident my foot got caught somewhere and the leather covering the toes was completely sheared off.
    Had I not been wearing them and wearing runners, there would be five toes waiting in heaven for me.

    I'm not saying it is better than a proper motorcycle boot, my ankle was killing me, but its better than runners.