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A glorious morning in the office...

Discussion in 'Non-Bikes' started by Nickers330, Aug 30, 2010.

  1. One of our fellow netrider members (Rabbito) requested a picture of the 'office', so here it is :
    On a glorious morning, arriving from Hong Kong, here shown descending to 3000ft on left base for the RNAV Approach RWY34, Melbourne International Airport, Tullamarine. Melbourne CBD ahead of aircraft.


  2. nice photo, but don't you know use of electronic equipment will make the plane explode!
  3. shouldn't this just be put in the other thread? lol

    anyways, wicked shot. and blocka, didn't you hear about the plane crash?? we now know how it happened :-O
  4. No need to put this one on mythbusters ! Folks, aircraft are NOT affected by the use of cameras (or mobile phones)...but I didn't tell you this ;) I should also add that I was not in a control seat for this arrival into Melbourne, but rather seated on one of the jumpseats, 'monitoring'.

    Lowercase,I do realise that this thread title resembles another (past) one, however "I" preferred to have this included in the "Photographer's Corner", which is where the request from another fellow netrider member originated. I hope this didn't bother you too much :p - enjoy your day.
  5. Very Very Noice Nickers, but I can get out of my chair and walk outside.

    lemme seeya do dat!!!! :))
  6. I would have thought returning to Melbourne would be rather depressing.
  7. There have been a couple of incidents documented where autopilots have done funny things (as in excessive bank angles and not follow LNAV paths) that were later suspected to be possibly caused by the use of mobiles. Doesn't happen regularly, but it could be a factor. Better to be safe than sorry.

    777's, A330 and now A340? Is that Emirates, Cathay, Virgin or someone else? That VOR approach into Melbourne can be fun or a pita. I had a windshear warning there a couple of months back at 200' coming in from the west. Certainly gets your attention!!

  8. It did bother me quite a bit, and I'm still rather upset by it... however, I forgive you :p :rofl:

  9. ibast - I actually find returning to Melbourne after each trip, after an absence of 16yrs away from it (!) and 8yrs in an overcrowded, polluted Hong Kong a fresh breath of air, literally ! There is NOTHING like home.

    NUT - I'm assuming domestic, based Sydney ? 'See-Ex' my case ;) Windshear at any level (let alone 200' !) certainly would get my attention also ! The RNAV for 34 is for the weak, being a straight-in approach, ie, no offset. The VOR on the other hand is what I prefer to do...I hate robbing myself of hands-on 'real' flying ;)
  10. Amazing. Need to renew my people me thinks!
  11. cant smoke in planes, stuff that :D
  12. Wow what a view!
    You must see some amazing sunsets/rises and views? Can you post some more pics?
  13. that's just your excuse. we all know you're really just a steward. it's ok, you can be honest we're all friends here :blackeye:

    but seriously, i'm not even slightly off-put by heights but for some reason looking out the pointy end of a plane like that kinda make me nauseous
  14. bah, Photoshop :p

  15. my ex was going for her commerical pilot licence and I managed to go up in the little planes she flew around to clock up hours. All I remember from looking out the front, was being amazed at how the hell any pilot ever manages to see the airport. Even when she was describing where I should be looking, all I saw was roads, houses and golf courses.
  16. Still supposedly Long Haul, but mainly domestic stuff these days (and yes Sydney based - you can probably work out who I fly for!:angel:). Flew 747s for about 14 years, so had my fair share of sunrise and sunsets. I forgot new aircraft can do RNAV stuff, I guess it makes for easier approaches. I'll have to dig in my computer and see if I have any interesting photos to share. Have seen some amazing stuff though. I particularly remember flying to Tokyo from Sydney a number of years back when Hayley's comet was around. We were somewhere to the North of Guam at about 3am and the whole window was filled. Pretty special=D>. Did I mention I've seen a few sunrise and sunsets???:oops:
  17. no UFO's? how boring :)
  18. snap any pics of mt fuji?
  19. devochka : This job 'enables' one to see many sunsets/sunrises which are simply breathtaking to see. What's even more amazing is when these events are unfolding before you in a different time zone, where you'd otherwise be in total darkness in your own country/home port.

    TheForgotten : Me, a steward ??? Hahahaha!! You have no idea how hard I laughed when I read that :)

    spenze : There are lots of airstrips that are hard to find, as you mentioned. Dirt airstrips are camouflaged with the surrounding land to the point where the only way to identify it is to look for the white cone markers ! As an example, Northern Territory 'outback' airstrips are much like this !

    Goz : No UFO's mate...but heaps of shooting stars. If you're lucky enough to be flying around Alaska, the Northern Lights are also something quite amazing to see. Seeing Hayley's Comet, in NUT's case would have been something else !

    twainharte : Managed to find this pic, from a recent Hong Kong- Tokyo- Hong Kong flight. I may have posted this a few weeks earlier, but I'll dig down and see what others I have...
  20. Pics or it didn't happen!!