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A Gixxer departs, a CBR1000RR arrives !

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Nickers330, Mar 7, 2011.

  1. Well, twas time to sell the much beloved GSXR1000K5, a bike I fell in love with for its raw low-midrange grunt (mind you, with -1 tooth down on the front as well :cool: ). It was my 2nd road bike (destined to become my Trackie) & it took me to many interstate locations, including Sydney x 2, Mudgee and several distant rides North/South/East West of Victoria, even to a few Netrider rides in the past 3-6mths. Not once did it miss a beat during its ~23,000km of riding in my ~10mths of ownership.

    This is my beloved Gixxer. Around 6 days remaining before the new owner takes her away...


    In the end I decided the Gixxer was too good/valuable to turn into a track bike, hence the decision to sell (putting ~ $3,000 in my pocket overall) and replaced her with my dedicated Track(only) bike :

    CBR1000RR 2004 :



    Being currently road registered is a bonus, as I plan on riding her for a short while (2-3 weeks) and getting acquainted with the new beast (perhaps a Syndey ride soon ? ;) ) Afterwards, she'll be stripped of her 'road' gear/serviced/tuned and turned into its dedicated purpose - Trackie.

    Stats :
    *ODO ~ 32,000km
    * Road register-able
    * White wheel rim strips recently added by present owner (not shown in pics)
    * Comes with original (red/blue/white) fairings and aftermarket 'Rothmans' fairings, pictured
    * Micron can (sounds nice)
    * Crash knobs
    * Power Commander

    To be fitted :
    * Braided brake lines
    * Tank StompGrips

    Look out for a Rothmans CBR roaming the streets during the next few weeks...thereafter Broadford, Phillip Island...woot !
  2. Well done Nick and good find. Very nice bike.
  3. Thanks mate. My brother is picking her up for me today sometime. He's excited also ...why wouldn't he be ? He gets to ride a new bike (same as his trackie !) back to his pad.... while I'm in Hong Kong, fretting about my annual flight test (tomorrow and next day) :)

    Yep, can't wait to get back.
    Hope all's well with you mate.
  4. I still haven't seen your R1 with the gold rearsets. Looking forward to it. You now have something extra to look forward to upon your decent to Melbourne. You can trick it up with WSBK products from Ten Kate and make it a beast on the track waiting to unleash it's fury on unsuspecting prey :)

    All's well buddy and hope to catch up with you soon.
  5. Likewise mate. The R1 is now officially the dedicated road bike, so you'll be seeing me on that from now on :)
    Rode it the other day (Gixxer's had all the attention of late) and boy... it's great being back on the black beast.

    Catch you soon.
  6. LOVE the Rothmans paint scheme (y)
  7. It was love at first sight when I saw this bikes appearance.... :)
  8. Did you tell the owner when you bought it that you are overseas on oil duties?

    Now i cant tease you anymore with the Spewzuki gone :(

    Congrats mate
  9. I 'was' waiting for the Spewzuki comment, I must admit (y)
    Thanks mate.
    Can't wait to get back and ride her.. (erm..now, about the bike...)

    Funny you should mention 'oil duties'... he did ask what I do for a living ?
    'Burn rubber' - couldn't be any closer to the truth :)
  10. wow! she's beautiful!!!!!!!!!

    i love love love her!!

    when can i have a ride? :D
  11. Interesting, very interesting Holly.... Hehe, kidding (y)
    Thank you - I totally agree (with lots of bias, of course!)

    PS - You can ride her anytime you wish (only if I'm allowed to record the vid :D)
  12. oh i swing... all different ways... for motorbikes ;) :p

    btw, nice pic :D
  13. Glad you captured my pre-edited message LOL
    Again, thanks :)
  14. If he lets you ride it, Holli, drop by Bris on your way through and I'll lend you my genuine team Rothmans crew shirt.
  15. Now you're talking, kneedragon ! There's a Netrider promo-ride in the making.
    Speaking of crew shirt...hmm...now you've got ME thinking.... (y)
  16. Like this ...
  17. Team mate Joe has the really good one. He took it to Adelaide, for the Australian F1 GP, and wandered into the pits wearing it. It's got a big Nigel Mansel sig on the back of it now, and lives in a glass case.
  18. Well haven't you been a busy little beaver, Nick!

    You'll nail the flight test, mate... Don't swet it.

    I might have missed it, but has anything been done to the suspension for the track?...it's a bit lacking when stock, mate.
  19. Thanks for the kind words Raven mate.
    As far as I know, apart from minor aftermarket add-ons, it's stock.
    Will be putting the bike into the 'garage' soon to tweak it up...suspension's one area I'll definitely be working on.
    There's one service centre down the Peninsula way (legend racer bloke too... came first on his 2011 ZX10R in Tassie the other day) who's extremely good at setting up track bikes. Might give him a shot, since the bike will be temporarily garaged in Mt Eliza...any excuse to go to P.I. :)
  20. Flight test - meh! You'll sail through it. Remember the Lord's Prayer - the pilots version. "Dear lord, don't let me screw this up!"