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a girl looking for friends to ride with

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Reesa, May 1, 2012.

  1. Hi all,
    I'm new on here, I live in the Penrith area & just recently got my L's & bought myself a very sexy FZ6R :)
    I would love to go for rides with other newbies or anyone that wouldn't mind putting up with a learner haha

  2. lol i live in mt druitt(when the house you get is free, you dont care where it is.) these days with the ms's but spend alot of time around glenmore park (both our parents live up there) i'd be happy to go for a ride every so often

    ...in the meantime...ty to your post i will just sit back and :popcorn:

    OH and welcome btw.
  3. Welcome RaaRaa, if you are near Homebush then there are Saturday practice sessions there. Get along and meet some more of the Sydney crew.
  4. Welcome to the forum raaraa, you will find lots of peeps to ride with in your area :)
  5. Welcome RaaRaa
    I live in Glenbrook and would be happy to ride along
  6. Welcome!
  7. hmm perhaps it's time to start a penrith/lower mountains fortnightly run or some such...rennsport...raaraa - would you two be interested?
  8. Yeah I'm keen Jellybean, I also live in Mounty County so I'm not far from you haha.
    I work shift work on the railway so whenever I'm free & you guys are keen I'll be in
  9. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmk i'll start a thread in the next day or so for EOI to get the ball rolling...about time i pulled my finger out and get involved in some runs anyway

    how long back did you get your l's and start riding Raa? just curious ...gives me an idea of where you might be at with riding skill
  10. wonder how many pages this thread will generate.
    standard question:
    Are you HOT?
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  11. I got my L's about 2 months ago, I had them last year but expired because my boyfriend sold his bike. I'm confident, but a little slow on the bends haha
  12. Smee I'm not one to toot my own horn haha you'll have to judge for yourself
  13. bring your man out too ? more people the better...might i ask what part of the ghetto you call home? ....and after stalking you...i must ask..how do you know amie cameron?

    or did he not get another bike when he sold his hence you buying one?

    if he's got the balls to take on the beast i might lend him the cbx once she's up n running again
  14. Yeah he didn't get another bike. I'm now living on the ghetto side near Westfields, what about yourself? I used to go to school high school with Amie
  15. went to primary school with amie...and i'm on the outskirts in lethbridge park - up until a couple of weeks back i would've said one of the nicer pockets...but i've since watched a few guys essentially be kidnapped in daylight in my street =/ ...long story there.. - anyway enough highjacking your thread.
  16. Welcome to the forum, I'm sure you'll find some fun people to ride with :)

    Also FYI, your facebook link is broken, you only need to put the last part of your facebook address in the box as it fills in the front part automatically.

    Yes I checked if you were hot haha :p
  17. Welcome from another newby :)
  18. Amazed it's only 2 pages & 18 posts!!!
    & welcome to Netrider RaaRaa :D
  19. Hi RaaRaa and welcome. Nice bike, I have the exact same one.

  20. I'm also a shift worker, if you get bored one weekday and interested in a ride let me know! I've got so much time I don't know what to do with myself! I'm in Seven Hills.