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A Ginger and his Ninja

Discussion in 'Bikes' started by Funkmonkey, Oct 5, 2011.

  1. Just thought id throw a few of my pics up in here.
    All of them have been taken with a Samsung Galaxy S2 in High Def. I love the camera on this phone and they seem to be sharper than my other camera under some circumstances.


  2. And if you thought one was bad enough.... here is

    TWO gingers TWO ninjas!
  3. wow you just need to throw mine in there and it would be 3 ginga ninja's :p
  4. I'm the opposite my ninja is actually Ginger :)
  5. Im worried, there are waaaaaaaaaay to many ginger ninjas in one thread..
  6. This thread is profoundly disturbing.
  7. ....Gingernuts anyone??....... 8-[
  8. Hah, great topic!

    Heard this bike on Sat, sounds pretty unreal for a 250!
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  9. Can't fault the brand of bike :)
  10. I hope that all of you ginger ninja's are using your superpowers for good.. remember that only a ginger ninja can sneak up on another ginger ninja :)

  11. #11 snuff3r, Oct 5, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 24, 2015
    Bet my ginger trumpy could sneak up..
  12. Ginger Ninja = Ginja! Lolol

    Nice to see you've got a new set of leathers funk, it looked like you were gonna burst out of the old pair LOL.

    All I can picture now is Gillard on a Ninja...I will sell my bike if that happens.
  13. my 1 year old cousin has been dubbed 'the ginja ninja'

    he's ginger (sadly), but i dont get why he has such a name.

    silly gingers ;P
  14. I ****ing hate Tim Minchin. Nuff said there.
    Rolkus yeah i think it sounds awesome personally, dont know why but i think it sounds like my old mans Ducati, certainly a much nicer sound than the standard pipes.
    Cheers Mike, they needed re-retiring, they attracted a bit too much attention from the other boys at Uni. HUGE thanks to Antoman for offering these up and thanks to everyone else for being too slow!! I certainly needed them!
  15. wow dude, you're a ranga AND english??? [-( :bolt:
  16. Yep. Id say and proud of it but ive actually lived in the UK and that place aint nothing to be proud of....
  17. i spent a month there as a cub, all i remember is slipping on my ass tryin to jump in a puddle that wasn't a puddle. i'd never seen ice in the middle of the street before
  18. I spent a year and a half there. Thats a year and a half of my life ill never get back. At least it made me appreciate Australia a hell of a lot more than i did when i left.
  19. Ah, the UK's ok for a visit!
  20. It is, just shit for living in.