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A gentle slide onto shiny side down :(

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Pinx, Dec 28, 2006.

  1. I was with a few others, including NR Raven, tackling the road through the twisty Zumsteins, near Halls Gap (VIC) on Tue. The roads were fun, but ripply and one corner caught me out. All of a sudden there was no ground for the front. Raven went through first with his front skipping out on him, but making it through. Then I followed even slower and with the first skip it was gone from under me. Bummer!

    I was lucky... I only have a slight bruise on my elbow, my leather has a few little niks, my bike lost a mirror and indicator and scraped the fairing. So as far as drops go, it was gentle as anything.

    The thing is, a few ks before that I majorly misread a corner, but somehow rescued it by trusting the bike and leaning in to the point of a trail of sparks from my peg. Yet where I went down on the later corner, I'd had time to calm down, slow down and refocus. I crashed on the wrong corner! Not that it matters, but shows that sometimes you get away with stupid stuff, other times even the slightest misjudgement and you're gone.

    By the time I'd nursed my baby home her engine was seriously chugging and all the electrics other than the headlight had gone. Then, much to my amazement my housemate, who knows electrics (NOT bikes) fixed all the lights/horn etc AND the engine has never sounded better! I think I must have had a faulty fuse all along. I tried to get him to fix my chain, but he didn't think so :LOL:

    Anyway, we live and learn.
  2. bummer pinkxie, hope it's an inexensive and straightforward fix for you. Most of all, glad you're OK
  3. bummer about the nicks on the leather... builds charcter though. :p

    Glad to hear you got away with a good lesson from it all. Stay safe Caroline. :)
  4. Noo :(

    "shiny" = expensive...

    Glad you're ok & you'll be back on the road straight away :)

    Now you get back down there, and you kick that corner's ass!!!
  5. Bugger! Getting back on is the best thing for your confidence. Hope you and your baby bike are better soon.
  6. Hey Caroline,

    That's a bummer!

    Glad you are ok though. The bike however sounds all the better for it :grin: Thanks to a helpful housemate. Where can I find me one of those?

    Take Care and seeya soon

  7. some days i LIVE for Ktulu's posts :rofl:

    bad luck pinkxie, but you know what? sh1t happens.

    wear the scars as trophies (until you afford to fix it) because IMO at least you were having a go :)

    get back on there
  8. Seriously, now that I've cleaned the dirt off, the nicks are so pathetic you really have to look to see them. I think I need to push the limit a few more times to get any real character :shock:

    LMAO. Yeah!

    I'm thinking it might be a good idea to leave fixing any fairing damage until I'm about to sell it... just in case!

    I never got off. I was still perched on the bike when the bike came to a stop, yet somehow not trapped. And then I finished my twisties ride, before going back to Melb the next day. As long as it runs I'll be on it. Besides, the mechanic's on holidays.

    Ha ha... what would hubby say about that?!
  9. If we have to have bad luck, thats the way to have it, nothing to serious I'm glad to hear. :)
  10. I got a birds eye view through the mirrors from up front (Whaaa!), and have to say that I hope MY next 'low-side' is as elegant!...Heck!...the girl even decks it with class! :wink:
    AND bounced right back, once we got the bike running again, and took a breather. (Me - who nearly had a bloody heart-attack having watched it all unfold)
  11. Glad to hear your okay, that road has some steep sides, glad you didn't end up in the valley. And the wildlife around there can be trouble too.

    All the best & keep it stick side down. :)

  12. that sucks, i hope you'll be back soon :grin:
  13. Sorry to hear about the slide, but very glad you came thru it so easy.
    Hope all goes back together easily.
  14. That's a bugger Pinkxie!! Glad it turned out well!!
  15. glad to hear u r ok and the bike is not too badly damaged
    catch up with you soon
    take care ride safe
    ps dont get toooooooo comfy on the bird

  16. Sorry to hear about ur slide... but good to hear that you and your bike came away relatively unscathed bar a few little nicks & scratches and now all the electrics are fixed too so some good came from it :wink:

    Yep sometimes you get away with stupid stuff and when you do just think yourself lucky & hopefully there's a lesson learnt?!
  17. No comment :wink:

    Yeah - there aren't too many places along there with a sand/gravel bank ready to slide onto.

    Not much earlier in the trip I might have possibly been on my brother's CBR1000 and had a magpie fly under the rear wheel, yet the bike didn't budge an inch. Awesome machine :grin:
  18. Glad to hear you're okay Pinkxie. And hugs to Raven. :)
  19. SOrry to hear of the off Pixie but so glad your ok

    Keep smiling and dont let it beat you..
  20. The best kind of off to have, the one where your bike ends up running better than it was before? :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: