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A general call for a specific purpose

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by hornet, Jun 30, 2015.

  1. Those of you who frequent the Grey Gum Cafe will know that among its many flags is the Netrider flag. It's been up for a while but on Saturday Kim said that it had not been "officially" raised so she wants a delegation of Netriders to come up and do exactly that. Who's up for this momentous occasion ???

  2. Sounds great. I'm happy to tag along. It's just such a burden riding the putty to get there though :p
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  3. When? The where is quite easy!
  4. Didn't know we had a flag.
  5. I think we should go up and check it out GoozaGooza, any excuse for a trip!
  6. Grey Gums Cafe is a great place for a rest stop, Camped overnight a few months back when heading to the snowy's, Very hospitable pleople, food was good too.
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  7. I could work that in, I am out in Bathurst, but could meet a group somewhere on the way?

    I haven't ridden up that way before.
  8. I'd have no interest in just going to Grey Gum, I never stop there as it's just too close to Windsor for me, but I would go if we do the whole loop?
  9. Im down with that depending on timing.
  10. My schedule is pretty tight going forwards: preaching in Goulburn the next two weekends and every weekend in August so for the ceremony to fit in with my timings it would have to be the last weekend in July, either the 25th or the 26th...