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a gear question

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by DelusionL, Mar 8, 2006.

  1. Chatting to one of my mates who is in the Aussie forces he put me onto this link where get gets some stuff.

    searching thru i foudn cotton flight suites that im going to purchase for when im racing the RX-7, and i came across this pack.

    after your thoughts and opinions on the gear listed inside. and the price.

    looks ok to me..


    any info//comments be much apreciated

    and yes im a scooter rider looking to gear up a bit more ;)

    got my eye on some nice jackets elsewhere aswell.
  2. Gloves look real good, look almost the same as my dri-rider ones... ($79 i think from Bills in the city)

    Neck warmers are good in long late night winter rides, havent tried anything like that balaclava yet tho...
  3. that was what i was htinking for $100 two pairs of gloves a neck warmer and also the balaclava.
    id also use the balaclava for race use.

    the nexk warmer id probably wear while working in winter as im based outside.

    so its a multi use pack for me

    independant price neck warmer was 20$

    balaclava was 40$

    so two pairs of what look to be good gloves for 40$ on top seems dam good to me!
  4. a pair of summer & winter gloves??

    looks great to me!
  5. Cool website ! :grin: yeah the kit looks good :)
  6. damn that's cheap!

    Looks like a bargain as long as the stitching/construction of the gloves is up the job...
  7. wow that site really doesn't like mozilla firefox :shock:

    looks like an ok deal, gloves of that no-name standard generally go for $40-50 on ebay anyway so i don't think it's a super-bargain.
  8. Worked on my firefox ok..
  9. worked fie on my mozilla fire fox

    as for the gloves etc being no name brand for 40-50 on ebay..

    neck warmer was 20$

    balaclava was 40$

    plus TWO pairs of gloves.

    as its a armed forces site it caters for the service men of this country, id assume it be reasonably good stuff.

    will post a report when i organise an order for msyelf.
    ill get a few of the local adelaide coffee nighters to check em out etc.

    but it does seem like a good package to me. due to the fact i can use some of the stuff for work aswell as riding and racing the car.
  10. cool deal man
    if i knew that i would of gotten them
    pitty i got some new gloves
  11. Gotta get some of them Kevalr gloves :LOL:
  12. lol hornet.. trust u to be pedantic and look past the murchandise and pick up a spelling mistake ;)

    but old man... whats your opinion on them??

    help a young lad out.. after all thats why we keeep u old fellas around.. for your wisdom and advice ;)
  13. i second the firefox comment looks like jibberish ...... looks like ill have to fire up ie :oops: ...........
  14. very strange... its fiddy fiddy so far on who's firefox it does work on and who's it doesnt.. i use firefox for everything.. works on all but 1 page i know of and that is the motor sport officials web site here in SA.

    u got latest version of firefox?
  15. hey DelusionL, and everyone else, sorry to be so pedantic, I am a bit grumpy about the last 15 posts thingy, and I shouldn't have taken that out on an honest post.......

    The package looks like good value, I bought two pairs of basic Rivet gloves and paid $140 (wet and dry) for both. This package has two pairs of gloves AND some bonus stuff.

    My only disclaimer is my usual one: I hate buying stuff I haven't had chance to try on. But, maybe you could be the Netrider tester (read guinea-pig!! :LOL: ) and buy the package and give a report.

    {There's an AMAZING range of fascinating other stuff on that site, though! Gotta get me some Desert-Coloured Duct tape! :grin: }
  16. Would you believe it, I was just thinking today that I could use another pair of gloves, and with winter approaching I will also need a warmer pair, and it would be really nice to get a neck-warmer... and here it was - this package of exactly those things! So I ordered it - I'll let you know how it goes.

    They do have some weird stuff, on the other hand I could not find the most obvious thing I'd expect, that is, army jackets and pants! Odd...
  17. thers alot of camo gear avail.. sniper costumes and some wicked shit!

    glad i coudl help ya out with the link ;) i did exactly the same thing.. thinking a nice weather proof light weight jacket woudl be good aswell.

    have a real good search as there is shiteloads on there!

    hornet.. dont stress mate. your a grumpy old man.. but your still prob one of the most repsected on here ;)

    ( thats juts my point of view, but im sure others think so aswell ;) )

    ps.. do u really want a scooter rider as a test rider for MOTORCYCLE murchandise :p

    oh these gloves go so well with my cafe latte and my tan cargo pants i just look so hard core in my short sleeved shirt open faced helmet and these manly gloves...

    do u think they match my thongs???

  18. Can you even go fast enough to get cold on one of those gutless wonders?
  19. Ive bought heaps of stuff from kitbag and theyve always been good to deal with and the quality is always great, especially the stuff they make themselves.

    Id give em an email or a call as theyre always more than willing to answer any questions you have on their gear.

  20. so mate how did it all go???