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a funny thing happened

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by cnstr, Apr 11, 2006.

  1. A funny thing happened to me the other day.

    Being a single guy, who's feeling pretty damn crappy having just become dad to the cutest boy around (personal opinion) and not being able to see him much, walks out of work and hops on his bike.

    nothing strange or wierd there.

    i start the biike and this woman walks over to me and starts talking, to i turn off the bike, still straining to hear so i remove the helmet and take out the headphones.

    turns out she rides, LOVES bikes and the sound of my little beast reminded her of her old bike.

    wants to go out for a ride sometime and promises to be able to keep up (no surprise here since i ride like a granny these day's i'm told) and i give her my number.


    now i have a dilemma, what do i do?????????

    BTW, she is really HOT. even had one of the women i work with stunned the next morning, cause she saw the whole thing.
  2. Geez Mum, what have I told you before about chatting up strangers :LOL: Don't worry I'll have a chat with her!
  3. I don't understand the question!

    a) she was asking for a ride, not a root
    b) If something more comes of it - You're single. Where's the dilemma???
  4. Dilemma? What dilemma? :?

    Ummm maybe you should msg her back!

    Assuming your story is true - if you can't recognise a sign that obvious that she is interested in hanging out with you then no wonder your single :LOL:

    Go on msg her back - what harm can it do hey?
  5. you would be bloody stupid if you did not go for a ride with her
  6. s'right - shy babies get no lollies - good luck!
  7. Message her back and take her for a ride damnit!
  8. Bugger that, SMS her back with my number. I'll fix her up :)
  9. What to do? Easy!

    Buy prophylactics, and actually use them...
  10. You can't seriously need to be told what to do. Take her for a ride dopey! :LOL:
    Well, that changes everything. Give her my number and I'll take her out. :LOL:
  11. Your not from Tassie are ya cnstr?,,,,,, :LOL:
  12. Well, you didn't ask our permission or advice last time........
  13. ....are you kidding me....? "What do I do...?" A question like that leads me to doubt whether or not you actually conceived your new born. I'm slowly becoming a believer in the immaculate conception.....
  14. call her & go for a ride.

    If you're emotionally hurt from the circumstances surrounding you being currently single, there's still no harm in associating with females.

    You don't have to sleep with her.

    Just call her & go riding!!!

    If you become friends, good.

    If you become more than friends, better.

    But don't be scared or assume you have to screw her - you can just hang out, it's perfectly ok!!!
  15. Similar thing happened to me (minus the bubby), and we went out, had the best-time ever, became best mates, and then I had no apprehensions about it and now she's my missus...

    (In the style of starsky and hutch) Do it... Do it... :LOL:
  16. ??? what... your definatley not 16 and looking terrifed at your first realtionship....


    Stop overthinking everything, there is no point in getting hung up on an issue that "may" never come up. Plus acouple of rides witha good looking gorl never did anyones selfestem any harm... down the track you may just end up with another female friend to take along for a ride...
  17. OKay *confused* you say you have just recently had baby that you dont see often right.... but you say ur single...
    so single yet a dad??

  18. silver: What is there to WTF about? He got a woman pregnant and he's not in a relationship with her at the moment.

  19. yeah so still in a mess... but anyways if the new girl likes him go for it then... if juz wanna cruise with him still good too.
  20. Dude, I think I know what your issue is... it seems to have flown over everyone else's noggin'! :LOL:

    If your concerned about the whole new born thing and how this girl will re-act if she asks "do you have kids" and you say "yeah, 2 weeks old.... but i'm single" hows that gonna make you look???
    Last thing people want these days, is other peoples baggage, right??

    Speak the truth, (dont bag the mother whatever you do!!). Women seem to take this news a whole differently to guys.. a lot of guys just go "no thanks take your litter elsewhere" where a lot of girls are quite cool with the kid thing... shows them that you are a capable partner :wink:

    In short, dont play it down, or up. If it comes up, it comes up. Get it out there, let her time to adjust to it before you make any moves champ... you'll be cool.

    Do you learn by diagrams or something??? :shock: