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a frustrating and addictive game.....

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by BalmyBrowny, Jan 14, 2007.

  1. hey all.. was playing around at bored.com and found this little gem of a game :p i can last only 20.23 seconds in this one..... http://www.bored.com/blockfrenzy/index.html

  2. 17 secs, but it is 1am... :cool:
  3. and it gets harder with more beers :p
  4. 15 seconds..... :( im crap :LOL: :beer:
  5. he he joel... blame it on the beers ;) is what i'm doin now.... :p
  6. 16.547 seconds...and it took me forever to get THAT! :mad:
  7. Yarr!

    Behold the power of the Microsoft optical mouse!

  8. I'm teh surviv0rz
  9. |The secret is out.

    They modelled that game on one of my brain scans!!!!!!!
  10. he he he.. you the man ktulu :p i still can't crack that 22s barrier!!!!!
  11. Grahh!
    25 is so close I can taste it!

  12. 43.938 seconds yeah baby post the proof tomorrow when i can get this pic off my work phone stupid palms...
  13. Oh thank God, now I can go to bed.

  14. even better 64.922

    bugger forgot to get a pic got a 58.578 instead
  15. 58???/

    holy freeholies..... how the heck did you do that mate???/ you and your mouse are a lil too entwined i think :p

    congrats on those scores though
  16. 0.37 secs on my first go :LOL: 22.3 on my second attempt. seems to me that the trick is not to move around too much.
  17. yeah dont move arond so much move 2 opposite corners blah blah

    having trouble getting pic up any1 help?
  18. ---------------------------
    Microsoft Internet Explorer
    You survived 26.428 seconds !

    i dont know how to print screen but i got this hehe