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A free gift with every purchase.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by TonyE, Nov 16, 2010.

  1. This article got me thinking...

    Free AK-47 with every truck: US car dealer

    A US car dealership is trying to drum up business by offering an unusual perk for potential used-truck buyers: a free AK-47 assault rifle

    What sort of weird free gifts do people think would be appropriate for a motorcycle dealership to hand out?
  2. handguns obviously

    but seriously, AK-47s? Holy shit America ](*,)
  3. [​IMG]

    cus there will be days when ya gonna need one.
  4. HD did a promotion for a new model a while back which included a free packet of condoms...
  5. Jesus, only in America.
  6. Free insurance.

  7. Free truck horn conversion kit
  8. Free glove application instructions?
  9. Shotguns....

    Or does every motorcyclist have their own already?
  10. Of course, don't you?
  11. "free boardshorts, muscle shirt and thongs with sale of k10 gixxer thou"
  12. I got a sawn off hidden under my jacket that I use when facing backwards on my bike while on a motorway.

    In all seriousness, a how-to guide on surviving your mid life crisis now that you have just bought a widowmaker.
  13. I do.
  14. Bowling for Columbine.
    Open a new Bank account and receive free Hunting Rifle. :-s
  15. i reckon the free gifts could be with purchase of new motorcycle:

    * 11 boxes of pop tarts
    * 10 pairs of new underwear (black or brown to hide the marks soon to come from said purchase of new motorcycle)
    * a mini model of the exact same bike you buy
    * a check list of all the things you can add to your bike, and all the gear you'll need if you don't already have everything (including fun nonessential stuff)
    * Motorcycling for Dummies book [​IMG]
  16. ... An anti-invisible bat cape... So the f*ckers on the roads can see you!!....:D
  17. spamming much, jammyman?
  18. Um, aren't gifts free???
  19. shotguns are ok if you take out the pellets and just shoot the wads at cagers.
    still scares the shit out them but dose'nt cause any real serious injury.
    not so great in the nanny state nowadays though.. any public display of a firearm triggers mass hysteria and you"ll have every pig in the state on your ass in about 5 seconds.. vic pigs will shoot first then tazer you later.

    just go the pepper spray man.. buy a small squirty bottle fom the two dollar shop and look up how to make your own cheaply on the net.. cagers can freak out all they want but they can't find their phones to call the pigs and they can't give chase because they're temporarilly blinded... but theres no long term effects.
    too easy.