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A flashback for anyone who is 18-30

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by FluffyDonkey, May 24, 2007.

  1. For the top 15 theme songs of the 80's click here

    You are welcome.

  2. :LOL: nice find fluffy!!! i watched all those cartoons! :) one of my faves was missing though from the 90's. Pinky and the Brain! how coola song was that :D even funnier cartoon!
    ( no i'm not a geek. just STILL a kid :p :cool: )
  3. Boomerang on Foxtel is your friend although some of the stuff shown isn't old enough in my opinion.
  4. Its a list lacking a couple of things, pinky and the brain is one, cities of gold is another.

    And where in the hell is voltron and inspector gadget?????
  5. Battle of the Planets....where the hell is Battle of the Planets?!!?

    Best cartoon theme song ever!

    Even rivals MacGyver as my favourite TV theme of all time.
  6. I see your BOTP and raise you a Robotech! Now there is an epic cartoon with an epic theme.

    edit: And Star Blazers! Star Blazers kicked arse too!
  7. Loved Robotech, Astroboy and the Mysterious Cities of Gold.

    He Man was delightfully camp. My cousin still has the VHS movie with She-Ra.
  8. h ehe. so many good ones! i just got Mysterious Cities of Gold on dvd from a mate :) already got voltron and travsformers and astro boy. I still have my transformers toys from when i was a kid :D all 30 of them! :shock: gf just doesn't understand :roll: he he
  9. Even as a kid He-Man's moralising at the end of each episode gave me the shits no end. It was worse than Fat Albert in that respect.

    Astroboy still holds up well, I bought the box set for my wife a few years ago, I can't wait for my kids to get a bit older so I can unleash it on them.

    MCoG was pretty good, the music over the closing credits was fantastic.

    Robotech.... Man, that was an amazing show, I could go on and on about Robotech..... and I will...

    The SD-F1 is the only cartoon sci fi ship cooler than Star Blazer's Argo, Veritech fighters made Top Gun look second rate, Lynn Minmei and Lisa Hayes were the hottest animated lasses in a G rated timeslot and this was all in the one show!!

    Anyone who grew up watching Captain Planet has been robbed, there's no school like the old school.
  10. Hmm what about Snorks? Spongebob (although that's a much newer one but still have that theme stuck in my head)... was smurfs on the list??

    There was so many more, what about Samurai Pizza Cats?? If I tried I could probably name atleast double that list?
  11. And the Simpsons!! Who could forget that... I know that started in the 90's, unsure of the year, but is almost old enough to be on that list and is one of the easiest remembered themes just coz the shows still goin & I still love watching it :oops: :LOL:

    And I love family guy and that has a very addictive theme also, but like some of my others it's much more recent than the 80s...

    Southpark would almost be 80s, from memory it was also early-mid 90s when that started?? And Southpark has a theme that gets stuck in your head the moment you think about it...

    so much valuable hard drive room upstairs taken up by these cartoon theme songs, and even worse, bad 80's music... I still remember every word of Ice Ice Baby :oops: ](*,)
  12. Monkey magic, Tin Tin :oops: , hmm just too many I tells ya :shock:

    A very misspent youth :roll: I didn't even realise I watched enough TV to have that many songs stuck in my head... I was almost always outdoors playing sport, it was all that damn Agro's cartoon connection, the occasional after school cartoon and Saturday morning disney... grrr :oops:
  13. I had the series one opening song of MacGyver as my ringtone on my old phone.

    It ruled.

    i have also decided that batman the animated series and Gargoyles should have made the cut.
  14. Would you care to rephrase this including which ones you have and a dollar figure with postage?

    --[Donkey, I've had the GUmmi Bears theme stuck in my head for over 48 hours now... prick]--
  15. Well I hate to say it, but I was watching AstroBoy in black and white when I was 13, and that was 45 years ago!!!

    And what about Biker Mice From Mars, c'mon an absolute classic :roll:.....
  16. That list is also missing, Care Bears... Derr... Heh.

    Postman Pat, Thomas... Widget (no one ever remembers that one)

    Captain Planet.
  17. widget that annoying little alien ...

    i will never forget the captain pollution epp... sad really
  18. [quote="Ktulu"
    --[Donkey, I've had the GUmmi Bears theme stuck in my head for over 48 hours now... prick]--[/quote]

    ditto :shock:

    doesn't help that since seeing this url, my gf has recalled how much she liked gummi bears and has made that theme her ringtone :shock: :)
  19. sorry ktulu but they arent for sale. about half of them are the original METAL ones! Form Ultra Magnus and Rodimus Prime (when he became leader in 3rd series) to Galvatron (still works if you put battery in) Starscream and quitea few others. oh yeah. Dinobots! he he. man i love transformers. SO hangin for the movie. Too many classic cartoon sthat i would readily watch again. Almost makes me feel old all this talk :p almost....
  20. I finaly got some or all of the eposiodes for He-man, She-ra, Gummi Bear, Transformers, Vlotron, Care Bears, Mystery Cities of gold, Ulysses, Astro Boy, GI joe, TMNT, Monkey its good to see my kids (4 under 5) like them as much as I used to, now some of them make watching them a chore but most are still enjoyable.