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A flash in the pan

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Duke at Eee, Jun 22, 2015.

  1. So there you are sitting in the right hand lane doing 85 in a 100 zone and it's not because you're taking it easy, it's because of the dim wit in front who either doesn't have mirrors, doesn't use their mirrors or is just plain ignorant and won't move over. What do you do? Is a couple of flashes of high beam enough to indicate you're there, do you blip the horn or do you just stay patient and wait until they eventually decide to move over then flick them the death stare as you go past. Is there an acceptable way to educate lane hogs?

  2. My idea of purgatory this is....

    Hate the buggers, ignorant, oblivious, or simply bloody minded :(
  3. Move to left lane, zoom in front of them, merge right into right lane. I rarely wait for lane hogs. A bit of high beam left on (if you have a nice bright headlight like mine) is usually enough to drop the hint.
  4. Yes and the great bloody irony of this is that some copper will fine you for undertaking while leaving the (illegal) right lane hog to trundle along on their way blissfully unaware.....
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  5. #5 TWEET, Jun 22, 2015
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    It is not unlawful to overtake in the left lane on a marked multi-lane road. Without being rude, despite the fact many use the term, "undertaking" isn't what passing on the left is called, it's still overtaking.

    Undertaking is the job of a person who deals with deceased ;)
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  6. Ah the discretionary power of the police to hit you up with a "reckless driving/riding" fine can never be underestimated lol. Point remains I've never in 14 yrs in Australia seen any of these lane hogging wankers ever pulled over for it. Has anybody else?
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  7. No unfortunately chillibuttonchillibutton . Never seen any pulled over. Recently I saw an amazing example of a lady in the right lane under the limit being tailgated to within an inch of her bumper and she was either ignoring it or didn't notice. Not even when the tailgater over took her on the left and veered across her path missing her by centimeters. Did she move? Nope. Deliberately obtuse. P platers do it a lot around here. All you can do is pass on the left or be patient.
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  8. I saw a red P plater on a bike in the rain on the Sydney to Newcastle freeway on Friday doing 80km/h in the right lane, with a number of vehicles including myself banked up behind him for about 3km.

    I went to the left and pulled up beside him and yelled at the fukker to get the fuk over to the left!
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  9. Flashing high beam usually works for me, although I get more satisfaction from undertaking. (this is all in a car by the way! Haven't picked the bike up yet)
  10. i know someone who got done for failing to keep left.. on an almost deserted victorian freeway
  11. Do you bury the dead?

    Overtaking on the left is NOT CALLED "Undertaking"! You are still overtaking the other vehicle.
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  12. If you are going to participate in this thread you must give an undertaking not to use that word incorrectly...
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  13. It might be worth undertaking some English classes
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  14. Or you may be overtaken by an argument...
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  15. Liam Neeson couldn't decide on over or under when he made 'Taken' so he had three goes :)
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  16. Some drivers are terrified, you see them, death grip on the wheel, neck locked solid. They get into the right hand lane and block out all the scary stuff, you know, such as other road users, I could stereo type these people too, but then I'd be a racist:(
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  17. they drive Lada's?
  18. you've taken it to a whole new place Duke at EeeDuke at Eee

    Where was TWEET when Liam needed him...
  19. He was undertaking other activities......
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  20. What amazes me is the death stare I got when overtaking a female P Plater on the left when she was going under the limit. For one tiny second my blood boiled. Then I left the rest of the traffic behind her to deal with it.
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