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A first bike.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Roybot, May 23, 2007.

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I'm new to this forum and to riding, in fact, I'm only doing my L's course early next month. I do however need to start looking for a bike, as I'm selling my car.

    But I'm having trouble. I've fallen in love with the Yamaha SRV Renaissa, but there don't seem to be many out there. Can anyone tell me of a similar bike both in how it looks and runs?

    Thanks everyone!
  2. Good thanks , how are you ? :p

    Sorry...couldn't resist :wink: :grin:
  3. Sorry!

    Guess I'm not used to forum etiquette.
  4. SRV arent too bad. It's basically a sound but somewhat rare bike. They are probably a bit too retro/cafe racer style to have sold well.
  5. Thanks for that!

    I'm having trouble choosing a first bike, I think my problem might be that I like the style of the srv, and other than the srv most of the bikes with this cafe racer kind of style are much older.

    It looks like I could get an SR250 for a lot cheaper (and a much newer model) however from the sounds of things, they can end up with quite a few problems.

    Any advice would be much appreciated
  6. BR250 Kawasaki are similar but mid 80's.

    Other than that there's no reason why you couldnt get a LAMS approved bigger single if you're in the right state, like an SRX600.

    GN250 Suzuki? (More like the SR250)

    Not really a lot fo cafe racer style 250's around. Most people going for that sort of look end up on the VTR250 or it's precursor the spada.
  7. Good man, I did the same! The missus kept her car though, that'll happen if you have kids! Sorry mate no nothing about the bike mentioned. :grin:
  8. Ive got a Renaissa, and if you can get one, or even the earlier SRV, then youre in for a treat. it is the sweetest bike ive ever ridden ... its just a shame that its underpowered. if there was an SRV500 then the world would be a perfect place. *dreams*

    nevertheless, theyre pretty few-and-far between. as yet i havent seen a modern bike that rivals it for looks. sadly i think the closest now, as someone suggested, is probably the Honda VTR.
    whatsmore, if you want anything in the way of information about said SRV, youve got buckley's. ive had mine for about a year now, and all i know is what's in the owners manual ... that is, if the battery is flat, see your local yamaha dealer. its almost as if the bike doesnt exist.

    if youre bound to 250cc, then i saw a neat little unit in the yamaha shop recently. it was only a single, but it had a bit of spunk. think it was called "scorpion" or something; disc front end, 225cc, kick start as well as electric (and all bikes should have a kick starter), kind of a road-trail look. AND it was AIR COOLED! suddenly its ok to have air cooled bikes again.

    my advice is, if you can get an SRV, take it. if you cant, there are plenty of other bikes that will serve you well enough until you can get one. for passing tests and generally learning to ride, the suzuki GN 250 is a nimble little commuter thatll take a fair punishment.
  9. Hey mate you should really look into the VTR250 Honda... I am new to riding and i got an 07 model. I also just got a CBR250 . now the VTR and CBR are 2 different bikes styles and i must say that from a newbie point of view that the VTR is so much better for a learner. Plus it has heaps of torque and that retro look
  10. Hey Mate ,

    Get your self e very cheap bike for your first 12 months .

    I got my self a FZR250 Yamaha for 4k plus gear another 1k .

    But i know a soon as i off restrictions i can sell if for 3.5k not loosing anything pretty much . Think about tomorrow .

    Buy a POS my advice :))))
  11. Thanks everyone

    Thanks for all your advice guys, I think I've found a SRV250 in great condition, even though I've been looking at a heap of other bikes, I could never get it out of my mind. So I'm just getting everything organised for when I get my l's in two weeks from now!

    I don't know many people who ride around where I live so it's awesome to be able to learn from your experiences (I'm sure there will be many questions to come!).
  12. Mate if you have found one, go for it. I love the look of these bikes and that my friend is a big part of motorcycling. :cool:

    Did I say they look sweet? :grin:
  13. Re: Thanks everyone

    Where's that??
  14. I'm in Bondi, it's not that there are no riders here... I just don't know them! I have one friend who has been riding for a long time, but pretty much everyone else I know on two wheels has a scooter. Which isn't really something I can see myself riding. [/quote]
  15. [/quote]

    mate you need to get along to the Sydney coffee night, doesn't matter if you don't have a bike yet. Just rock and say g'day, they don't bite. Well not too hard anyway!! :grin:
  16. Duff lives near there!

    And a few other peeps!

    Plenty of riders around!

    Oh and Komunista, CBR anyday :cheeky:
  17. Welcome, Roybot. I did a similar thing (sold the car, another car still in family) a bit over a year ago to get onto 2 wheels, but had to get a scooter because SWMBO insisted that we both should be able to ride the second vehicle, and she wouldn't come at a motorbike. Not sure exactly what the distinction is, but peace had to be kept, so scooter it is. Been commuting 40kms every day since, and love the 2-wheeling experience to the point that I'm considering lobbying SWMBO for an upgrade from the 150cc scooter. After considering a number of 250-650cc options I also settled on the VTR250, at least on paper. Haven't sat on one yet, but as I'm only 168cm, the comparatively low seat height seems logical, and I love the look of the thing. Under ACT law my licence will be unrestricted, allowing me to ride a manual bike without re-testing, in about 20 months. That should give me plenty of time to mount a subtle campaign and get a nice torquey little bike for the commute without too much hassle. And hey, by then there may be another option!

    Cheers mate.

    - Guran
  18. Update

    Hey Guys,

    So I finally sold my car, and made just enough to purchase the srv250, i've spoken to the owner and I hope to get it in the next week, it's beautiful! I've got my L's weekend in in under two weeks and I'm getting pretty excited.

    When is the Sydney night? and where? I'd love to come along.


    yes, i do live near bondi (Randwick to be exact), but i spend most of my time around bondi junction... and i work in Rose Bay. I'll send you a PM with my number if you want to meet up...

    the SRV looks very good mate, i love the cafe racer style bikes!

    Where are you doing your L's mate?
  20. That sounds good, I live in Bondi and work in Surry, I'm doing my course in Granville as it was the earliest I could get, I'm going with my girlfriend (she also got rid of her car and is getting a scooter).

    Yeh I love the cafe racers, I want to put a little work into the bike to make it a little more cafe racer too (probably start with some clip ons)