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a film with some p0rn...

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by twainharte, Oct 15, 2006.

  1. ...and bikes, of course(you perverts) :LOL:

    'The Film Biker'

    11pm – 12.45am SBS

    Sunday 15 October 2006

    Gregory, a film biker, is a handsome young man in a poor quarter of Manila who transports reels of film from one cinema to another when he's not looking after his ageing, nearly blind grandfather.

    He takes his work seriously, partly inspired by his grandfather who is obsessed with the stars and the magic of old movies. When Gregory meets the beautiful Anna he falls in love with her despite her occupation as a prostitute and decides to save her from her situation.

    But when multiplexes drive film bikers and projectionists out of work, the couple is forced into a seedy amateur p0rn movie to make money. Still Gregory is determined for them to rise above their poverty and to have a better life.

    Genre: Action
    Year: 2000
    Country: Philippines
    Language: Tagalog
    Director: Mel Chionglo
    Cast: Piolo Pascual, Vanna Victoria
    Rating: M [Adult Themes or medical procedures, Coarse language, Sexual references/sex scenes]
    Other: Widescreen
    Duration: 105 mins
  2. Damn i missed it.
  3. How could I miss it?
  4. i missed it tooooooooo :evil: