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A Fiery Wave

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Fiery, Jul 9, 2006.

  1. Hi all,

    Just wanted to introduce myself to the site, am about to go off and get my L's and then some wheels - yay! I have been a long time friend of MadMel and would like to make contact with Twingirl as she is also here in Hobart and Mel reckons she would be a fount of knowledge for me!

    So.........hey all, I will enjoy pouring through the forums over the next few days. :grin:
  2. Welcome to it all Fiery from an ex-Tassie rider.
  3. MADMel here (yes I forgot my password - will fix up soon :-( ) Arhharrr! another firey redhead drawn to the wonderous world of motorcycle riding....enjoy enjoy :cool: - you'll get a lot of good advice from the guys/gals on this site - I would have never had made it past the stop sign at the end of my street if it wasn't for some of the people I've met via this site!
  4. MadMelhas friends????

    Nah just kidding.

    Welcome aboard
  5. Hey Fiery,

    Mel has told me aaaall about you, plus I've seen the pictures :p . Enjoy the site and good luck with the L course :grin: .

  6. Hey Fiery, any friend of Jake's and Mel's is definitely welcome.

    I DO hope you won't be pouring through the forums, but rather poring through the forums :p

    {Don't take any notice of me, I'm a pedantic old fogey :LOL:}
  7. Hey thanks all, a nice welcome indeed! Yay Mel, th.anks for the tip off for this great site. Paul....if you knew me and my irish instinct for alcohol you would appreciate that sitting at my pc for pleasure might actually involve a glass or two...so pour would be apt indeed.
  8. Welcome Fiery !! Enjoy the forum and the rides (when you get your bike).
  9. Oh thanks for the reply Ed, I love your avatar, Auron is such a spunk!!!!
  10. Waaaaaaaah! have booked in for my DECA course but they can't fit me in till September - I hate waiting for anything. I am officially sulking!!
  11. Hi and welcome Fiery.

    I'm not known for patience either. Ring DECA and ask to be notified if there are any cancellations and you may be able to get in sooner.
  12. Fiery -welcome and hope you get an earlier booking - good luck
  13. Cheers, all, yes I put myself on the cancellation list as I booked - fingers crossed.

    so.....where's the best place to source secondhand bikes in Tas? I want a cruiser like Virago I think as I am somewhat short and like the look of them.
  14. Hi Fiery!! I got your PM and have replied!
    May-be you should hop over to Melb. and book in there !! More places to use over there...if you don't like waiting.. :grin:
    I get the feeling that second hand vehicles are pricey here in Tas....you may be better buying from Melb...? Iffracem may be able to help with sourcing a good 250.....
    Hang on...did you say...a virago... :? Forget it...I'm not helping.... :LOL: :LOL:
    Sorry, can't help myself..only joking....
    Get yourself to Joes Garage on Monday nights and you can meet some great people, who will all be able to help you...besides, we could do with some more female riders... :grin:
  15. second hand bikes... mm.. trading post most dealers.. and of course bikepoint.com.au but if your after a 250 virago they are abit rare down here. But its all hunting... have fun...
  16. There was one in the tradingpost paper last week for $2300 but of course it sold instantly. I can't go looking at bikes until I have my licence anyway but it doesn't hurt to get familiar with what I want in any case. Will be going out today to look at a few types of bike and also to see if I can find some second hand gear (will buy new helmet).
  17. THANK GOD... for a second there I thought you were contemplating a second hand helmet... Riding may be like russian roulette sometimes but its nice to have a new helmet to soffen the blow.

    Why dont you pop into joes next monday and have a chat... that way JJ, twingril, techno etc can meet you and we can all keep an eye out for a virago... you can ask mat he has a few contacts on bikes :LOL: including who as one and if they may be interested in selling...
  18. cool, I know Matt from when I brough the Ghost tours through there. If I am not working I will come along!
  19. Hey Fiery - saw Mel last night and she said told me to say hi...so hope you're doing good...

    I know its possibly a bit far, but Mel mentioned last night that you may be interested in my bike (she thought would be good fit for ya) and I'm about to upgrade this weekend....so maybe have a chat with twingirl and madmel about it and let me know....but yeah, might be a bit easier to buy a bike thats closer....

    You'll get to meet some great people through this place...come and join in the fun hehe....