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A few things ive done to my Ninja 300...

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Relax, Jun 9, 2013.

  1. Hey everyone,

    I decided to make a quick thread about the mods I've done to my Ninja 300 for the others on the forum with 300's.

    So i got my 300 at the end of September and it was and is my first bike. After a few months i decided to add a Two Brothers black series carbon fibre Slip on and tint the factory windshield and i was happy to leave it at that.... until recently...

    So last month i bought a Puig double bubble from Revzilla, Woodcraft Clip-ons and Yoshi rearset mounts from Biohazard Motorcycles.

    It took 8 days to receive the Windscreen and 2.5 weeks to receive everything else.





    Yes i did clean my chain and it was filthy! but yea they are only minor changes but i found them very noticeable, your in a more lent over position and it feels better to tuck in and lean over more through the corners. I would of like the option with the yoshi mounts to tilt the rearsets but they are a easy bolt on mod. The Clip ons are more fiddly.

    the only fault with the clip ons is the brake lines and wiring do touch the intrument panel and levers just touch the mirrors at full lock but its not such a big problem and might be fixed with some shorty levers.

    Im still considering adding shorty levers, pre load adjusters (to clean it up) and a Lustracing rear jack up kit but i am pretty happy to leave as is and save my money.
  2. Looks good mate. Not to keen on the double bubble myself, but it looks good on the black version of the bike.

    You might consider changing the mirrors and position (shown here)

    take the plugs out here

    and get some mirror block offs shown here

    I was thinking on custom paint, but came across "bikeskinz" (you can send them pics for a custom skin too (y))
  3. Yea can't change the position enough to be effective but shorties apparently work well, have thought about paint etc but I've got to save some money as I'm upgrading oct/nov this year. If I can afford the 300 and a new bike ill keep it and convert to single seat.
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  4. how are u liking those Woodcraft Clip ons for weight ? I'm doing a 1984 BMW R65 build & I've been considering a few lightweight options for Clip ons but so far I'm stuck between Woodcraft, Renthal, Gilles Tooling GP light
  5. Umm haven't notice much of a difference regarding weight, but they are well built and am happy with them.

  6. thank u, hope they treat u good