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A few things I should've asked my prelearner instrutor....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by deXtrous, Jul 6, 2011.

  1. Hey folks. I'm a week out of getting my learner licence and I've come across a few situations in which i don't know the answer.. Let me begin,

    1) Do we have to pay tolls? Specifically the M7 where there are no booths?

    2) Do we have to pay for parking?

    3) Will I be fined for parking in an underground car park without a ticket?

    4) Can I park anywhere I want in a shopping center?

    5) Will people tease me for my massive chicken strips?


    Cheers folk.

  2. 1. yes we have to pay all tolls - same price as a small car
    2. yes and no. i'll let someone else answer this in detail.
    3. depending - sometimes yes, usually no.
    4. you can be fined, usually they let you go - generally i park where there's other bikes parking, or just in a car space - at my local shopping centre, there's many random spaces only bikes can fit into - always park there, never had probs. who knows - you might come across a d!ckhead parking inspector.
    5. some will, some won't
  3. 1) Yes. Don't know about the M7 specifically, but as a general rule, you pay the toll just like everyone else. It is usually about half the price of a car, but not always.

    2) Yes. Again, it may be cheaper, depending.

    3) Yes. Again, it may be cheaper, but it's generally not free and you need to get a ticket.

    4) Depends. Some have dedicated bike parks. If you're staying long, claim oneof those or a car spot. I frequently stick the bike up against a wall near the doors, somewhere it's clearly not supposed to be, if I'm only going to be a few minutes.

    5) Maybe. Depends who you ride with. I'd tease you, but in a gentle and friendly and supportive way. I'd want to see you get rid of them, but I don't want to see you kill yourself trying.
  4. Move to Melbourne!!!
    1) Only pay on Eastlink. All other toll roads are free for bikes

    2) Not if you park on the footpath (totaly legal)

    3) Don't know about that one, but usually if the boom gate doesn't go all the way across, then no. (I haven't as yet!!)

    4) Too hard to get the bike up the escalator!

    5) See kneedragons answer!
  5. :rolleyes:

    admittedly he should've said where he is but it wouldn't have killed to check before posting the wrong stuff.

    1. yes you pay all tolls.
    2. in areas maintained by syd city council, you don't have to pay if you park on street but you do need to observe the time limit. ie 1hr parking is a free hr on the street but after an hr move it or you're free game for a ticket. everywhere else you need to pay unless they say otherwise (ie motorcycle specific zones, etc)
    3. seriously?
    4. see 3.
    5. ugh

    ps www.google.com
  6. Actually I think Streetmaster was toting the great benefits in living in Melbourne, particularly as a motorcyclist. (Except for the Winter weather, of which nothing was wisely mentioned)
    1. Yes, on all toll roads around Sydney (full price). The M4 removed tolls a couple of years ago so fang it through the chicanes where the toll booths used to be whilst giggling like a girl. {Ol' fart voice} I remember when the Harbour Bridge used to be 5ยข for motorbikes!
    2. Street parking in metered zones? As others have said, yes except for the provision of "free parking" within the City of Sydney but don't "share" a marked metered spot with a car or you'll get fined. The CBD has some specific "motorbike" parking areas, they're free but you may get superficial damage from scooter riders who can't seem to park properly plus you'll need to get there very early as they fill quickly - park there at night and catch the train home, you won't have to get up early to ensure parking the next day.
    3. Maybe not if you offer the attendant a BJ ;)
    4. Well, I don't in shopping centres... in fact, Liverpool Westfield won't issue a ticket stating "you must be in a vehicle" when you press the button for a ticket (bike is too light I suppose). So far I haven't met a boom gate at a shopping centre I couldn't ride around or limbo under
    5. Chicken strips are a badge of honor mate - guard them with your life and all will be impressed by your awesomeness :D
  7. because it happens randomly all year round? 8-[
  8. Yes especially on the front.
  9. wet weather is just a natural speed hump:p
    and its only cold if you suffer from softcockitis or dont get good gear:D haha
  10. In NSW we get reamed, $700 rego for pretty much anything over 150cc and full price tolls :nopity:
  11. I just paid $400 for my DR650 it pays to shop around.
  12. For my 250cc Hornet registration went up over 100% when they changed the CTP insurance scheme. I already have private health insurance too, which I used when I had a crash.. :-s I don't understand why I should need to pay for that when I would never use it.
  13. You do realise that CPT (Compulsory Third Party) is for persons other than yourself (GIO do offer a CTP that covers you as well as others I believe).
  14. Yep but from what I understand the increase came about because of the change in the coverage which now has a benefit for a rider even if they are at fault

    and if it wasn't why did they change my CTP price so much then :(
  15. I blame the proliferation of fearless (read: not having a clue) scooters riders ;)
  16. The major increase in CTP for certain capacity bikes is based on slightly suspect accident data used by the insurance companies. So bikes 250 and below pay more, bikes in the 1200cc+ pay more. But bikes in between stayed rougly the same.
  17. That's partially correct, the increase was also because of the MCIS levy which includes (amongst other things) a at fault driver/rider cover of up to $5k of medical expenses.

    The increase in 250s I suspect is not because of scooters because they are (mostly) in the less than 220cc range which went down. The increase is probably due to dirt bikes which are (mostly) in the 250-450cc range which is the one that went up.

    It also makes sense that dirt bike riders are going to hurt themselves a lot because they like to crash a lot.
  18. ^^ That's what I thought it was from.. Funny how the Pollies were saying it would cost approximately $20 per more...
    The main thing that annoys me is that there's no way to 'opt-out' even if you have equivalent cover privately :s
  19. Agreed, you are double covered, though I think part of MCIS levy goes to cover damage from uninsured drivers, which isn't covered by health insurance.

    What I object to is that this is just a big transfer of costs from health costs to CTP, but no other sport has the same user pays system, horse riding is more dangerous then motorcycling but there is no user pays for that.

    I am happy to pay my way if every sport does.