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A few seconds can make a huge difference

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by dane75, Aug 9, 2009.

  1. This didn't happen whilst on my bike but I think it still illustrates how bad some drivers can be and how life and death can sometimes be only a few seconds apart. I was traveling back from Tullamarine Airport quite late last night with my wife and kids onboard heading down the Calder towards home in Cohuna. We were still in the 110 speed limit area and were coming past an exit lane to go off somewhere I didn't take much notice of. While going past I suddenly see a cars headlights coming straight towards us from the exit lane... some idiot was driving the wrong way. We went past and I totally shat myself and slowed off watching the rearview to see what was happening and sure enough they kept going down the Calder for a few hundred meters with some other cars veering sharply out of the way before the cockhead realised what they were doing and pulled over. Not being able to get a licence number or being able to even turn around and give them what for we made sure there was no cars smashed or ran off the road and kept going... considered calling the cops but had no car details to give them to make it relevant so just counted my blessings that I wasn't travelling a little slower and ended up getting T boned by some of the worst driving I have seen in a long time. Just glad I didn't see a horrific crash behind me and that the kids continued sleeping blissfully unaware of what I was swearing at

  2. Thankfully everyone else had their wits about them. On another forum I remember that a Taswegian's wife was killed by a 70 year old "with a suspected heart attack" drove on the off ramp trying to get to hospital.
    (RIP Kat) :cry:

    What do they think "Wrong Way Go Back" Means?!?
  3. not too mention the constant stream of headlights coming directly towards them. If you are that inept you shouldn't have a licence
  4. Unfortuantly it's not overly unusual to see that on the coast. Too many tourists driving that are used to being on the other side of road.
  5. They must of been using their new Aldi GPS.
  6. I had exactly the same thing happen on the Calder Hwy coming back from Bendigo.

    Silly tourists entering the Hwy by coming down the offramp. I think my tourists were smarter than yours though because they managed to stop before actually driving head on at anybody.
  7. A friend of a friend was involved in a head on collision on his ZX9 with an Indian that had been in the country less than a month. The indian was driving the wrong way on a section of divided road. The witnesses said that each of them were doing around 80 and he hit right in the middle of the grill. My mate flew over 30 metres straight over the car.

    He suffered a lot of injuries, (both legs broke, hip broke, knees rooted, ankle broke, shoulders buggered, collarbone broken, splein, ribs and the most purple set of aggots you have ever seen). He has just been released from the Alfred Hospital in Melbourne after being in intensive care for 9 days. He now has 6 to 12 months of rehab ahead.

    All because of the watered down licence testing for imports.
    I dont consider myself racist, i blame our laws for this.
  8. It was Cat and the other guy was driving to the airport to pick up his wife, he totally got it wrong. Her family have put up a memorial cross there on the freeway just out of Launceston.
    Dale was her Husband and they were both on these forums for a while, they actually lived in Melbourne and she was visiting her family for her grandfather's funeral.
  9. HOLY F%&^!!!!

    Same thing happened to me a few weeks back. North bound on the Calder, 3am sunday morning between 1st and 2nd woodend turn off, some loop fruit passes me in the lane next to me on the wrong side of the road. Me thinks no tourist. Called the police at the time, they didn't care because: "they'll be gone by the time we get there". Useless ****s.
  10. I've had similar encounters heading to ballarat / bendigo at night...

    I must say, nothing gets your heart going like a car heading towards you on a divided road...

    Because, you can brake, move left, move right, but at night you cant tell their road position until you are almost on top of them... Scary stuff and thats in the car...

    I'd hate to be in that position on my bike...

    I think if you drive the wrong way and hurt someone, especially these idiots that dont even have to sit an australian drivers licence test, just simply obtain an international licence.

    That they should be locked up for 10 years. Learn to drive properly and stop endangering people..

    Oh that goes for all the 70-90 year olds that fall in to the following category.. a quote my younger brother once said...

    ""If you have no spatial recognition, you should not be driving. I dont care if youve had your licence for 60 years or 3 months.. If you struggle to navigate your 1983 cressida between the curb and the next bloody continent, take the damn bus.." - Amen.
  11. Hear hear. Was your brother a shaman or ghandi by any chance?
  12. Nope. Hes a 19 Year old cager.

    Typical P Plater. :shock:
  13. You'll fit in well here.