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A few questions...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by jc212, May 17, 2007.

  1. OK, getting straight to it:

    [In the carport]
    The past few mornings i've had a bit of trouble getting the virago into neutral. I know that's not very serious but I can't even shift up into 1st/2nd let alone get it into neutral! The clutch foot thingi didnt go up or down at all. The clutch was fully disengaged. Are these the early symptoms of a slipping clutch?
    Also, today when I launched off from some traffic lights, I was in first and kicked it up into second, then came a clacking sound as if I was changing gears really roughly and my revs died and went beserk. All this happened in about 1 second. After that, all my other launches were ok.. I was also leaning to the right at the time..(if that helps) What the hell happened?!

    [In traffic]
    Usually, if the ground is level where i've stopped at, i'll kick it into neutral and do the occasional stretch or wrist circle. Is this a safe practise? I've heard that taking your hands of the handlebars let alone leaving the bike in neutral is dangerous. Is that right?

    In an emergency stop, do I use both brakes? My rear wheel has this tendancy to lock up real quickly if I squeeze too hard.. I recently got a new rear tyre (which has already been broken in) and they are drum brakes.
  2. Try rocking the bike forward or backwards slightly, this should solve your issues.

    You missed a gear by not "kicking it in" hard enough.

    Onl;y dangerous when there is another vehicle that can hit you. Once stopped and ascertained that everyone else is stopped, roll your wrists, scratch ya groin, do whatever, just be prepared that you might need to get it all back together really quickly.

    Who was your instructor and why weren't you listening???
    Learn to use your brakes properly, practice heaps, they are the only things stopping you ;)
  3. With Vic on this - emergency stop practice is something learners should practice all the time (well at least until they start having fun deliberately doing stoppies at traffic lights for a giggle - then you're good enough you no longer need to).

    :wink: [/quote]
  4. Ditto to Vic's responses. All I'll add is when changing gear (up or down) don't "kick" at the lever, hold pressure in the direction you are changing until the clutch is released. Using this technique for gear changing ensures NO false neutrals.