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A few questions about new dealer bikes

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Freeform, Jul 9, 2011.

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  2. what is the actual price difference, as a percentage. if its 17k vs 16k, i personally would take the new one. even allowing for it only being paint colour as the difference.

    i wouldnt stress about the length of time it's been doing nothing. warranty only kicks in on purchase date, and nothing will perish in 6mths.
    break in wont be affected by 3km of riding. there are a couple of different break-in methods, that are each totally the opposite of what the other does anyway. ive used both, several times each and never had any issues.

    resale is the only issue, where robbing peter to pay paul is definately evident. if you're keeping the bike until its a rusted heap, then it's irrelevant, but otherwsie, that 1000 you saved today, will be, at least equally, taken when you sell.
  3. No problems with a bike that has been sitting around for six months IMO. Maybe get them to change the oil, but even then, I doubt there will be any issues there and you'll change it after a thousand ks or so anyway.

    Weigh up the savings against and cons like re-sale value, effort/money required to get it the way you want etc and go from there.

    If it is what I would call considerably cheaper, then I'd go the earlier model but without knowing the bike, or the saving, it is pretty hard to give you much advice.



    You posted while I was typing, $1600 for me would have me going the older one, if your keeping it for ages then resale is less of a concern.
  4. The oil, and other liquids aren't in the for transport IIRC. So I wouldn't think it would hurt it lying around except that it is 10 model when you are selling it not a 11.
  5. just did some googling. dealer is telling the truth, it seems. released last year, and just a standard refresh this year.

    see if you can do 13000 on the road for the 2010. if not, your price and situation seems to make the price you've already achieved decen enough.

    the dealer will have tax offsets on the old stock anyway now, plus incentives from honda themselves, to help them move out the 2010 plate model.
  6. Hi there probably is no difference at all sometimes its only cosmetic like screen instruments or color, mechanically the same not sure why you would want to paint over a new bike its still new 2010 ,13.5 is different to 15 might as well spend 16k try and knock em down or go somewhere else,13.5 is a good price for a new bike and dont worry about it sitting that long its the ks that count,have a cbr 1100 myself .The cb1100 is a great bike.
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