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A few Q's from a Newbie.

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by TonySV, Aug 6, 2005.

  1. After clocking up a few K's on my little 250 bandit i have a few questions.

    1. Why both with petcock (fuel/reserve no off position). I have a perfectly good fuel gadge.. Is there any problem with me leaving it on reserve all the time and just keep an eye on fuel gadge (has the usual red area when your low)..?

    2. I have noticed occassionally when the rev's are high (10,000+) when changing up from lower gears 1-4 that I hear what can best describe as a jingling/tin sound. :?
    It doesnt happen all the time.. Im not sure if its something mechanical i.e. clutch or just me..

    3. When I first got the bike she would start first go.. Now I find I have to try 3-4 times before she's away.. After that there is no probs..

    4. Sometimes I notice a fairly strong petrol smell when I idling. Pretty sure its coming from me not other cars.. Is this normal?

  2. Yeah i got the same as number 3 :cry:
  3. 1. I've always found it best to not leave the tap on reserve. Fule guages are often unreliable and the reserve should be exactly that, a reserve when the normal tank contents are exhausted.
    2. No idea about this one. Trial and error.
    3. Needs a service/tune-up. Maybe change the plugs yourself, also check the air cleaner element.
    4. Suspect this is related to the fuel tap, leaving it on reserve. Could also explain the reluctance to start if the carbs are flooded when trying to kick it over.
  4. I currently do have the petcock in the correct position I dont think the flooding cant be due to that.. Wish it was as it would be an easy fix..

    I thought someone might mention the plugs.. I was wondering whether that might be causing the jingling sound at high revs if one plug aint firing properly wouldnt it put everything out of sync and only get notice at high revs??

    Sound like I need a Pete super service.. Whats his handle on here so I can PM him..?

  5. PM groberts , he knows him :D .