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a few Q's about my F4i

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by MR_PEA, Sep 23, 2009.

  1. I have had my 2001 CBR600F4i for a few months now and its a decent bike with plenty of poke and it got me wondering about more modern 600s, are they really much quicker in a straight line? or much the same?
    obviously the f4i was the first of the CBR600s with EFI so obviously the newer RRs have been a bit better tuned... any thoughts on this?

    Shifting, when shifting from 1-2, 2-3, 3-4, ect do you need to use the clutch when shifting from gear to gear.. obviously you will need the clutch when takeing off, but when Im giving the bike the beans, ushally i just give the clutch a quick grab but not fully engaged, it seems to shift with out any problems..

    also dose any one know where the flasher relay is on this bike, as i would like to fit an electric unit so that i can swap to led blinkers. i think its behind the dash but im not sure.

    Cheers Joel.
  2. I'd suggest doing a search for "clutchless" "gear" "change" and reading the last few years worth of arguments and misinformation so we don't have to have new arguments and think up more misinformation ;)

    Oh and PS the new wink smiley blows goats compared to the old one ";)"
  3. agreed - looks like its been poked in the eye
  4. I've ridden 2 or so f4is. The newest 600rrs have about 15-20 more claimed HP. I'd guess probably a real 10-15hp increase though. Whilst the newer one will feel alot smoother, mroe refined and even more agile, in terms of power, the difference wouldn't really blow your head off.
  5. It's not just peak power but where the power is made you need to think about (stock gearing). The F4i may make power at more usable revs compared to newer 600's.
  6. I rode an F4i a while back and felt plenty quick. Rode a ZX6R a few days later... felt plenty quick too. Meh?
  7. Just another question, i just changed the front pads on the f4i for ferodo units. and now the lever feels harder and not as spongy.. the slack point is alot less further then it used to be... is that normal?
    probably should be in the maintenance section..
  8. There would be less slack in the lever because there is now more meat on the pads, as for sponginess, were the lines bled?
  9. no they were not bled? should i bleed em?