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...a few pics of the ZXR...

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by aloparow, Jun 21, 2008.

  1. Gday all,
    posted a msg in reviews about my ninja..thought Id post a few pics I took after a ride today...







  2. Just for future reference, we have a limit of three pictures per post except in the touring diary section. Not trying to curb your enthusiasm, just mentioning it, ok?? :).

    Nice pics, by the way!
  3. I love old 250 sports bikes! especially ones with original paintwork.

    Looks to be in good condition, look after her mate. Top stuff :grin:
  4. SOrry Hornet! :roll:
    Note to self..check!
  5. sweet bike man,good to see youve gone with the (best) manfuacturer! haha, heres my little beauty

  6. Congrats mate !

    I think you need to get your hand off that 'doodle' :LOL:
  7. I agree, thats a very nice bike, and I'm really liking the old style paintwork. -10 points for not reading the forum rules :p
  8. Demerit points for not reading the forum rules :(
    I'll expect a fine then!!
    :evil:grrr its raining! Curse you Sunday in Melbourne!
  9. Can't we just average his extra pics out with all the loser time-wasters who don't post ANY pics of their new bike? :grin:
  10. awesome looking bike

    Just saw the pics.. A very proud moment when you get your bike all clean and take some photo's hey?

    I love the Kwaka Green and the retro styling. Took me ages to find my Green GPX with that in mind.

    Pity about so many rainy days lately, but any excuse to wash the bike again and then take more pictures : )

    I got caught on Saturday at Yarra Glen. (had to get back to Williamstown) Just made it to the Servo for cover in time before it P*ssed down for 15mins solid and then was like it never happenen!!??. Luckily got back home dry, but yes, Yesterday day was misserable for riding too..

    Take it easy. Greg
  11. Hey nice pics. Good choice of bike. The best of the 2fiddy boyracers by far :wink: