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A few pics of my upgrade bike - daytona 675

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by mrkotter, Apr 17, 2009.

  1. My upgrade bike has been delivered today and really happy to have it in the shed. Now I've just got to wait until July for my full licence!

    I bought it for a fantastic price with 7,000km on it, with a full service history - private sale. It came with the carbon fibre tank pad, heel pads and higher screen as you can see in the photos. No real drama with the purchase but make sure people you do a REVS check! It appeared this bike did have money owing on it, but that was fixed up inside 24hrs.

    I think the first upgrade will be a level one superbike school class to upgrade the rider. Does anyone know if you can do one without your full licence? Obviously trailer the bike down.

    Without further ado some pics:



    And both of my bikes together. I'm not sure I want to sell the Honda

  2. Looks superb in that colour.

  3. one word...

  4. yep, love that graphite colour

    now to test your self-control :LOL:
  5. I give you until tomorrow morning before you justify riding it around the block, till Sunday when you will talk yourself into a good ride lol! :p

    Most track days will require you to hold the appropriate licence for class of bike your riding.
  6. i know its wrong to say but mate with a machine like that why leave it in the garage... let us fellow rider admire it in the flesh rather than just pics.

    I rode my bike (1000cc) while on my L's... i know its wrong but i couldnt help it.
  7. Niiiicee! :cool:

    Love Triumphs, i have very much considered trading mine for a 675.

    On the superbike school, they won't let you on the track without the right licence. They do a licence check before the day begins and they scrutineer all the bikes. How long you gotta wait till you get your opens?

    They should be holding a school in June for Syd. (Sorry not sure if you're in syd, didn't check lol)
  8. First, you'll be saying to yourself, I'll just sit on it whilst it's in the shed. Then it'll be, I'll just start it up whilst I sit on it whilst it's in the shed, then it'll be I'll just ride it up and down the driveway, then ok, just once around the block and before you know it you'll be popping monos down the main road thinking life doesn't get better than this. With a bike like that it'll be too hard to resit. Enjoy!!!
  9. Take it out over the weekend and terrorise some P platers on 250's. :cool:
  10. It's unique!

    Ahem, anyway, cool looking bike. That colour grows on me more everytime I see one.
  11. I gotta wait until early July for my fulls. Its gonna be a long wait. But uni break isnt until then anyway and thankfully I won't get stuck on green p's for the bike.

    Unlucky that i can't do the superbike school beforehand would have given me some invaluable experience before going out on the roads.
  12. id really look into track days. i think you can get a one day liscence for tracks. some organizers may allow it , some may not.
  13. Yeah I will, a phone call does not cost that much.

    And this is why I won't be riding the bike until I get my open licence https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=64016

    It's just not worth it.
  14. Upgrade time is approaching for me as well, and I really dont know how I'm going to be able to get rid of my 250!

    Let us know what you decide
  15. Mine is around Richmond a bit. Usually on the way from or to somewhere (obviously as I live in Richmond) ;) Ever see it, it grows on me every time I see it even through I was in total bike love with it when I bought it 3 yrs ago
  16. with the reviews and info on these daytona 675's im quickly becoming more and more interested. :grin:
  17. i love the styling of the daytona, when i got the r6 they were just starting to come out but to expensive for me. i druelled everytime i saw one.

    Might go and waste a dealers time id love to have a go on a 3 cylinder bike.

    Whats this about finance :shock: how much was owing and how did you sort it out!
  18. The bloke I bought it from bought it from someone else he knew (friend of a friend) and didn't do a REVS check. It was a shock to him when I told him money was owing on the bike! Luckily he was able to chase the other person up. It turned out the loan had been paid out but the finance company had not submitted the documents to REVS. So a couple of calls were made by the original owner and 24 hours later the REVS database was sorted out.

    I'm still grateful I did the REVS check even if there wasn't any money owing, it would have been difficult to sort out if I want to sell the bike in a few years.

    Yeah go and waste a dealer's time thats what they are there for.
  19. Yeah I want one. Love the Zook, but if I had the money to trade it in, I probably would.

    Good luck with the abstinance!