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a few of my mates want to take me for a ride

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by stanga169, Jan 24, 2010.

  1. as the title says a few mates are heading to phillip island to watch the bikes go around and after that come home via kilcunda, leangather and some more twisties. I have ridden on the road a few times while out dirtbiking, but no more than 10-20 ks . I really want to go but im not sure i ready for such a big ride , but on the other hand i think i can, as i write this im starting to think i should just do it and stop being such a wuss. my mates are very experienced with one being a bike cop so they will have plenty of good advice for me. i think i just will go and see what happens

  2. Um yes. :D.
    Are you saying you are going to be riding, or pillion?

    Either way, sounds like a blast.
  3. hhaaa yes ill be riding a cbf 250, three of them are on cb1100 blackbirds, so i doubt they will leave 2nd gear
  4. have a spoon full of cement
  5. sounds like fun. just ride your own pace and you'll be fine. they'll know you'll be slower and should wait at appropriate spots (eg when you need to turn)
  6. =D>

    Exactly what I was gonna say, I vote go, it sounds like a fun mission.
  7. when I say have a spoon full of cement -- I mean impersonate a NIKE ad -- just do it
  8. Your mates will look after you. Go for it.
  9. Just pace yourself,after some distance you might get a bit tired and loose some concentration,take a brake every 3 hours or so,my mates wife has the same bike and is on Ls,she isn't suppose to go over 80k,gets a bit stupid on Expressways but she is doing well in the corners,the Blackbirds and my mates K1200s shepard along ok but dont be suprised if they skoot of for so fun along the way
  10. If your mates are decent they will look out for you. If they blast off just let them go and ride at your own pace. Either way go for it.