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A few more of WSBK ......[Pic]

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Assassin, Apr 23, 2008.

  1. OK Dudes... a few more to whet your appetite.... :)

    Pic 1 - Carlos Checa #7

    Pic 2 - Max Biaggi #3

    Pic 3 - Troy Corser #11

    Pic 4 - Nakatomi Shinichi #38?

    Pic 5 - Loic Napoleone #77


    plenty more, just a matter of going through them all....


    Moderator: I tried to find info on largest size to post, but couldn't find any info on that. Can you please let me know the max size. ... onya mate !!
  2. HOly hell they're good! Do you do this for a living? They'd have to be the best bike pics I've seen in a long time. You have shots of other races/locations/riders etc?

    Wouldn't happen to have any of Ben Bostrom would you?

    lol - had to ask!
  3. And I thought you fluked the last ones :wink:

    So have you been published? After spending all that cash, be nice to get some return on your investment....they are sensational :cool:
  4. I wonder how many other people have spotted your watermarks :LOL:

    Subtle ones they are, which imho is more effective ;)
  5. Oh yeah!! I didnt see them until you mentioned it

    Bloody awesome pics Assassin and if your not being paid for these incredible shots, you should be!!

    have you got a webpage with some of your shots??
    I think your talent should be marketed

  6. +1 very talented
  7. !

    love pic three, of troy corser. looks like he's going "OI! What you lookin' at?!?!"

    edit: and whats with the upside-down website on the bike in pic 4? is that to get his sponsor some exposure if he flips it? also couldnt find your watermark in this pic. its making my head want to explode.

    love these photos!
  8. I was going to make a smart comment about it being pretty incredible to get a photo of Max Biagigi with both wheels on the ground instead of chasing after his bike as per usual. Then I realised he still only has one wheel on the ground in the that shot ;)

    I couldn't find your sig in pic 4 though - where'd you hide it?
  9. those are some of the best pics i've ever seen in my LIFE.
  10. Re: !

    think about it when he's taking a right hand corner...
  11. Look on the exhaust.