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A few minor issues .... Please help!!!

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by rearwheel, Dec 17, 2005.

  1. I am helping a mate working on a bike (old Honda not sure which model). So far, we’ve got a few minor problems:

    (1) The stanchion tubes have a few small corrosion marks. We know that a good option is to get them professionally re-chromed, but then that would take the fun out of our DYI project! So we are thinking of using some kind of fine metal filler to fill the dents, then smoothen it out with sandpaper. Is there something on the market that we can use for this purpose? i.e., something that can resist oil and pressure from the fork seals, and will stick permanently?

    (2) The main carb seal is shot and we can’t find anything that fits. Of course we don’t want to seal it permanently since we still need to open the carb for cleaning etc. Is there some kind of sealant that can be used to make a non-sticking seal? Or anything else that can be useful for this?

    (3) The bike has a metal air box which uses paper filter. The paper is gone and we are planning to replace it with foam filter. Is that ok or should we stick to paper?

    Any comments?

  2. 1. No. hard chroming is just that

    2. Main Seal. If you mean the diaphram in the top then you need to replace it. It is very important to the operation of the bike. If it's just a gasket you can use a liquid gasket, but don't smear too much around. If it's an o-ring then any bearing supplier will have it.

    3. Foam are good, if you can find one for that model.
  3. It may be cheaper to scout out a pair of fork tubes from a wrecker, 'cos if they're badly pitted, you can't really fix them yourself.
    Find out the model details of the bike and post it in this thread; it's amazing what Netriders have lurking in their sheds..
  4. Thanks heaps for the useful advice, guys. I LOVE this stuff. So much that i am thinking of setting up a mini workshop and start my own project. I plan to beef up a CB250. I have seen hotted up posties. I can do a lot more on a CB
  5. Good on ya!

    Not enough motorcyclists work on their own bikes. If I was dictator it would be compulsory! :wink:

    Yeah, forks have to be hard chromed. Nothing else will do. I had the same problem recently on an old CX650. The CX650 only came out for a couple of years, so parts are hard to find. Cheapest option was to buy a whole bike, remove the forks. And then sell the rest for parts. I soon got into profit. But you probably don't want to go down that slippery slide. :)
  6. The fact that you plan to do up a CB250 is good; it means the project is still in the planning stage, which should make the job of talking you out of it all the easier...

    The effort and cost involved in project work is model- and capacity-independent, while improvements are proportional. In other words, it'll take pretty much just as much money and time to achieve a 20-30% increase in performance of a CB250 as a CBX750.

    A 30% "better" CB250 will go from having squidgy suspension and brakes and an engine which struggles to crack 0-100kph in 15 seconds to having less squidgy suspension and brakes and an engine which struggles to crack 0-100kph in 13 seconds. By comparison, something like a CBX750 will go from having so-so performance to something which'll actually border on exciting.

    If you've got your heart set on working on older stuff which needs more resto work (good idea, that; it'll teach you about painting and prep and whatnot), find yourself something like a shabby GSX1100, GPz900, FZ750 or, best of all, a slab-sided GSX-R to work on while you while your restrictions off on an old shitter you just keep running and susequently throw onto the bonfire at the pissup you throw to celebrate your getting a full license.
  7. +1 for dont bother with a cb250
  8. go for it man - I have a cb250 and I would love to do it up, but i get my blacks in a few months ;)