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A Few Low End Jackets.....

Discussion in 'Free To Good Home' started by FreddyB, Nov 11, 2012.

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  1. .... if anyone's interested......

    "Leather Stuff" (go figure. Logo looks suspiciously like Bikers Gear Aust - probably) W/P jacket. Good cond. No rips tears etc. Zips etc. working. With liner. Size XL. Few scuffs/marks


    Rjays Mesh Jacket. Size 2XL. VGC. A/A Hardly worn. (Stupid photobucket rotation not working!)


    Rivet "Oldskool" leather job. Size unsure - small would be my guess? suit 5'6 - 5'8 50-65 kg or thereabouts? Good cond. A/A (Smelly socks can be included at extra cost.)


    Students, single mums, single dads, parents with Octuplets, apprentices welcome. No bums or druggies! ;)

    Pick up in Healesville or Lilydale or thereabouts. Will post at cost if desired.

    Queries or better pics (sorry about the crappy phone ones. )via thread, PM or txt 0422 448855
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  2. How much do you think postage would be for the small? I'm a student and my missus is just starting to pillion...
  3. No idea TBO, should find out I guess:oops: . $15 - $20 I would imagine. Maybe someone who's sent a jacket recently could let us know.
  4. Actually, just found another one. Rjays. Waterproof liner. Similar size to the leather- Says DM whatever that means? Excellent condition.

  5. If you could get a quote to brissy, qld I would be more than happy to pay + some
  6. Jackets usually cost about $15 to post. Plus the box.
  7. Thanks for that.

    So to update.......

    2 small jackets now gone pending postage payment. Sorry Krollinator, someone got in ahead of you via text msg. Rjays mesh also possibly accounted for. (Hey, this is easy!) First Blue jacket still available.
  8. Hopefully by that you mean "Gay" that you weren't quick enough to say "yes" due to queries about postage costs and not "Gay" that I am giving them away to someone who said they wanted them before you did?? o_O

    Both larger jackets still available.....
  9. I sent you a PM regarding the small jackets, my brother has been trying to sort it out with you but his phone got stolen the other day.
  10. Heya Freddy - sent you a PM about the blue one. Thanx mate.
  11. 2 small jackets gone. Blue one pending. Cheers
  12. Hey buddy, did my postage payment clear ok?
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