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A few laughs on the way home tonight.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by smee, Feb 9, 2005.

  1. Laugh #1
    I was following a riced up nissan skyline with milo tin exhaust watching the driver yacking away on his mobile with the window wound down. As he stopped about 5 cars away from the red light I split down the middle with the clutch in and in first so that the bike was just idling. As I passed his window I waited till my pipes were parallel with his window and then let him have a blast of staintune enhanced big twin exhaust (being undertail they are at ear level to a seated driver. His reaction was priceless. He dropped his phone on his lap from the fright!

    Second laugh:
    I was stopped at the lights near southbank on city road when a guy and his wife/girlfriend pulled up alongside me in the right lane in a white bmw 320i with all the windows down.
    The driver was on the mobile. So again I begin to rev the bike to 4500 revs making it very noisy. They both looked at me startled and he immediatelygot off the phone.
    Third laugh:
    I was waiting to turn right behind a long line of cars.
    The lights turn red and since i hadn't crossed the lines I stopped for the next change.
    Guy in a white van behind me starts telling me off becuase I didn't SPLIT ahead of all the turning cars and held him up.
    He would have run the red light.

    What is wrong with some people?
  2. What a crack up??? That will teach some people for yacking on their phones while driving!! lol!!

    As for the third laugh, I would have done the same thing if the lights turned red and I hadn't crossed over the lines - I don't want a fine and it's too bloody dangerous. What a fool???

    :D :D
  3. I should have thought of that one today....although I do try to make a bit more noise when I split past mobile phone users. At least yesterday the guy who cut me off while yacking apologised when I gave him some horn and he looked and saw I was in the lane ( I had been for a reasonable amount of time, too).

    :D :D :D
  4. Hahaha that's great :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: I have also done the rev bit next to cars... :twisted:

    Lisa :twisted:
  5. Noticed in your nick your duc is slightly battered?
  6. Copycat :)
  7. Hehehehe my tunes may be loud enough to scare idjuts with their windows down talking on mobiles but not loud enough to crack the walls in the burnley tunnel:p
    Have they caught you yet?
  8. Nup, I think I got away with it and now that I have disposed of the evidence they stand no chance of catching me :)

    mmmmmmmmm 127db of V-Twin

    Shit I miss that noise :(
  9. smee
    what are you doing ?
    we have a reputation for hoons and irrisponsable idiots on the road , and you were sitting patiently in traffic?
    come on smee , your letting our reputation get tarnished , we cant let joe public see that we have any kind of common sense :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    the phone trick , all the more reason for loud exshausts :LOL:
  10. Stupid little incidents....my fault, not that of some careless cager!

    :D :D :D
  11. heheh.e..e. :D :D

    But tell that to Cnst yacking under his helmet...... :p :p

    Oopss..... :wink: