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A few laps of the Island on Vid

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by Roost, Sep 12, 2007.

  1. I sneako'd a pen camera and digital vid onto the bike before I went out... looks pretty cool!

    It's actually 7 laps so if you get bored wait for it to download and watch the last two, they are the quickest ones. Also, note the accident just after the last lap on Southern Loop.

    http://www.bitchnbitumen.com.au/images/Video Downloads/Phillip Island.wmv


  2. Throw it up on Stage6 (stage6.divx.com) so we can see without downloading the whole thing?
  3. 2mins to d/l mate.

    Well that was a good 14min ride I just had there Roost. :grin: :cool:

    You riding in the wrong group or what?

    Each person on the track you passed with ease on their outside in the
    corners. :LOL:

    Some of those left handers look like they take for ever to get around!

    I nearly missed the off. I only knew something was up when I saw the
    dust, so I rewound the tape a touch & only then I noticed the bike in
    the sand pit. 028.

    Where'd you put the camera?
  4. Yeah, but then it will loose quality. I can if you really want...

    I know, I know...
    I had a mate there with me who was in Med/Fast and I wanted to ride with him but I'm definitely going up next time.

    Just under and to the left of the upper cowl, just below where the left headlight would be. Pretty happy with how it came out :grin:
  5. Sweet vid Roost.

    It's a keeper!
  6. Great vid roost.
    One to show the grandkids
  7. Ahhhhh, that's better, now I've had my daily fix :grin:

    Very nice Roost, pretty slick times there too.
  8. Roost, thanks for the video, captures the day perfectly. I like you've left the engine sounds on, it makes for a better video.

    Great times too!
  9. Nice video. You have a very flowing style that is reminiscent of 125GP lines and it's very neat and tidy.

    1m48's will see you slightly ahead of mid-pack in the Fast group, and that's definitely where you should be if you're cutting those sorts of times.

    Amazing amount of traffic-free track time there though. Why wasn't it ever that free when I was there? :roll:

    Good stuff!
  10. It was a very quiet day. Which was great, as the weather was awesome.
  11. Thanks for the encouraging words guys...

    I managed to avoid most of the traffic by heading out a lap late...

    As Cejay said, it was a pretty quiet day, even for the Island. They were almost considering maiking it into three groups instead of four. Weather was perfect and the track was golden, it really was a perfect day!

    Here's a shot from the day courtesy of www.sdpics.com


    It looks like I'm going to be holding onto this memory for a while... I damaged my knee skating on the half pipe in Vermont last Sunday and it's still that bad that I just gave away my booking for Broadford this Sunday :cry: :cry: :cry:

    Oh... Woe is me :cry: :( :cry:
  12. cool vid mate, nice to see the track so empty, gives you a better view round the corners etc cause when you watch it you're not staring at the other bikes in the shot.

    good work - top riding.
  13. Finally got to watch it! Verly verly noice :grin: Looks insane from the perspective of somebody who's never been on a track.
  14. Certainly does.

    What's your bike, setup (tyres, etc.)?

    And how did you get the times onto the screen like that, as you pass the start/finish?

    Anyway, don't track day organisers disallow cameras, lap timers, etc.?
  15. Nice videos. Thanks alot. I gotta try some or ur lines next time at PI.
    Damn ur quick. are u running slicks?
  16. Yak, i could relate to the first two laps - since that's kind of my best times... and then I moved over into "now that's pretty darn bloody good" camp since I've never been down at those times... so I can kinda relate to where you're coming from!

    Roost - only if you'll allow it, are you open to the discussion Flux hinted at? I've got no idea where there are scopes for improvement except to get bigger cohoonas... those last two laps looked pretty smooth stable and fast enough...

    Your call.

    I'd be interested in seeing that discussion ONLY if it was cool with you.

    On a related topic, tell us a bit about the bike. Track bike? Street bike? Modded? Stock?

    I ask, because noobs and wannabees see better riders zoom past them on twisties or track and then wind up hurting themselves trying to get themselves and their bike to do the same. They haven't appreciated that (putting the rider skills involved to one side) there may be fundamental bike differences that are at the bottom of the high performance riding - tyres, suspension, power ups etc


  17. awesome vid mate nice work, oh and thanks for the HDD save :)

    Cheers :cool:
  18. You can see the history of the bike here if you like (ignore the first two pics)http://www.bitchnbitumen.com.au/forum/viewtopic.php?t=60

    05 R1

    Mods in order of nescessity:
    GPR stabilzer: A must have at around $750, it helps take some of the work out of keeping the bike stable.
    Suspension Revalved: Front & rear, costs around $1000 - $1200 at Suspensions R Us and makes all the difference at poo producing speeds, plus it's important to have the correct weight springs so that the bike is well balanced front to rear. A mate was selling his bike and I managed to scab his Elka rear shock before he sold it which I have since fitted and it seems to be working well although I haven't really played with it.
    Rear Sets: I picked mine up from Adznadz and I think they are around the $400 mark. The standard pegs are lower and wider and hit on almost every corner so they need to be changed.
    Digi Gear Indicator: $220... love it!
    Power Commander & Tune: Around $600 - $800. Worth it if your really really looking for more power and torque but it would be the last thing on my list (unfortantely it's the first on most people's). I had it tuned with a set of carbon Akrapovics but busted one in half when I hit a deer and I'm still waiting on it. So I'm running a complete standard system with a Power Commander tuned to Akrapovics. Runs rich but dosn't really slow the bike down that much.

    Of course the bike has race glass on it as well which cost me around $1200 from Dynoverks.

    Yeap... a Dunlop M ?? something on the front (not sure exactly what, I pick em up second hand from Dynoverks) and a Dunlop Redline H on the rear.

    I'd be more than happy to answer any Q's.

    I put them in with my editing software...

    Shhhhhhhh! :wink:
  19. Great job on the video mate!
    I like the photo progression/regression as well :grin:
  20. Well done Jake, that was very smooth and tidy............

    I enjoyed watching it and its now filed away :grin:

    Cheers ratty