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A few laps around Ipswich Kart Track on a motard

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by devotard, Apr 8, 2008.

  1. #1 devotard, Apr 8, 2008
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    My first play with a new cam. Just a practice session. No dirt section unfortunately.


  2. Hey good vid Devo! Love the VAST soundtrack too - interesting you chose that song...I'd have picked 'here'. Anyway, only one suggestion - get more footage of riders in front of you - that's what makes it all the more interesting (my opinion anyway). But yeah, I liked watching. :grin:
  3. VERY cool vid, looks mad fast!
  4. Good stuff, race footage next please.
  5. Hey Dev, great vid... Love it!

    I can't wait to get my motard going, the prospect of a few night laps at a local kart track is just too tempting.

    Looks like you got the camera sorted pretty well, it's so good to be able to head out for a session then come back and review the footage isn't it, you skills improve in leaps and bounds!

    Good work.
  6. And all the fuss about the night Motogp round @ Qatar was because....:p

    Good video. What camera and what was the pre Youtube compression like?
  7. Fair call. I was practicing though, and everyone I caught up to was obviously going too slow. That was Josh McFarlane (2nd in unlimited class Aus Champs, 2007) crossing frame in the pits at the start. I'll see if I can slot in behind and keep him in shot for a couple of seconds next time. :LOL:
    1st round of Qld Champs, comin at ya from Townsville in a couple weeks. ;)
    Is that you with the KLX450? If so you'd be interested to know that's a KLX I'm following at the start of the actual riding. He's a roadracer mainly, not a bad one either. He won the 250prod class (CBR250RR) in our club racing up here, is winning it again this year, and laps 2 seconds quicker on the mighty KLX on a road race track! Gotta love the ag-bikes. :D
    The new VholdR. Pre compression there were none of the skips and a lot less blurry. It was still a bit grainy which doesnt happen in full sunlight. Very happy compared to the Oregon though, which I tried on the same track with the same light, and got almost pure black footage.

    Sound = bad. You can hear the engine, but there's LOTS of wind. That was with the mic hole taped over.
  8. That was cool, thanks! :)
  9. I've got an Oregon. What a total waste of money :( The image slowly wobbles, the quality is shocking. Do you have a sample of the uncompressed image as comparison?
  10. It's a pity. At $100 they're almost disposable. I'm not even game to put this one on my helmet. Turns a $500 crash (helmet) into a $1000 one (helmet and cam).

    I'll make a really short one next time so I don't have to cut it. All the uncompressed stuff is 300mb+.
  11. If only I paid $100 for it!! :shock:

    I've been looking for something reliable and that takes good images for ages. Mainly for personal use as opposed to Youtube, hence the query on quality.
  12. Images or vid? The still frames aren't that crash hot.
  13. Cool Devo !! well done
  14. Cool, that'd be great to see. I find this riding intriguing - am still trying to get my head around the whole 'foot down through corners thing'. You guys in these vids just seem so in control of your bike...it's awesome really.
  15. It's a comfort thing, like having your knee next to the tarmac for when you slide. That and the fact there's no room for your foot on the peg when it touches down.

    It's funny you talk about control. I had never ridden on bitumen up until a little over a year ago. I did about 2000km's of commuting in my first month and since then I've only been riding 2 or 3 hours a month max. You could say it's trackdays, but then I've shown up more than a few decently experienced road racers on superior machinery. This is nothing to do with my skill (lack thereof really), I am still a pretty crappy supermoto rider even compared to some of the new novices coming through. I honestly think that a motard is a brilliant entry to road riding. You can slide it, crash it, throw it around, and wring its neck, all the while feeling comfortable doing it.

    If you've got room in your garage for another bike, make it a motard. ;)
  16. Do you rate any of the new KTM's? They look horn! If I worked in the city, Motard would have to be the bike of choice to get there.
  17. I can't bring myself to testride with no intention of buying but I get a decent idea when reviewers compare to the old 640 or "race" motards, and the 690 line of bikes sounds like a winner. Be good around Broadford too. :)
  18. Me too. But if I test rode I'd start flogging off parts of my body to somehow pay for it!

    Broadford doesn't have a Motard track, unless you stuff up and go cross country! But we get to race with them in F3. There you go, hoofing past them down the back straight, thinking, easy, got this corner and then 'whooooosh' past they go. WTF :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: You then spend the next half of the track trying to get past only for it to repeat again and again!
  19. As much as the 690 would handle a jump or two, you'd be nuts to ride proper supermoto on one. I meant the RR track. ;)

    I know what you mean about the braking area. :shock: It's a slalom trying to dodge the sportsbikes that are braking too early. :p
  20. Nope, not me, I'm from Vic and I've got a turbo WR450 (if it ever gets finished). Don't know how good it will be on the track or if it will even run for more than 5mins without punching the rod but should be good for a lark.
    I've been at Broadford racetrack before with motards on the track and they have consistantly run 5 - 10 secs a lap slower than me on the R1. I'm tipping these guys are just off roaders who have thrown on some road tyres for something to do. I can't wait for the day when someone who can actually ride a motard is there, should be interesting.

    Does anyone know what sort of times the motard race boys run around Broady?