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A few annoying questions

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by GlobeBoy, Jul 27, 2011.

  1. Hey guys and girls,
    Im new on here but read alot of previous posts and still cant decide on a bike that is good for me. I just got the learners a few months back and just gettin off my butt to look for something. I havent ridden much yet, only the cbf250 i did the test on which i found really comfortable. and a drz400 which was way to big and powerful for me at the moment, im about 6 ft tall but have really short legs i dont think i would be able to get the leg over anything much taller than the cbf250. im a bit interested in the hyosung gt250 but again its a bit taller and i havent had a chance to sit on one yet but are they able to be lowered at all. i know i want a naked bike as the insurance is cheap and im a tightass. i like the cruisers but i think its gunna be to hard to do the p's test on. any answers or opinions are welcome as im lost right now
    cheers, Jake

  2. Jake if you're 6' tall you should fit any bike. What you're probably experiencing is the lack of confidence that comes with trying something new.

    Your 'L' bike should reflect whatever riding you intend to do when you upgrade. You have naked, sport, and cruiser to choose from.
  3. can I suggest, have another look at a drz400. just go a bit easier on the throttle. I'm pretty sure they can be lowered. you will save money in the long run by not wanting to upgrade while you're still on lams or even at all by the end of your LAMs period.
    if not, try a DR650. ok yes 650 might be a scary number but I'm pretty sure they have a fair bit less power to weight than the drz400. and I know for a fact that they can be lowered by the dealer, there is a special kit to do it. you even get a special warning sticker attached to your swing arm about it and a trick shorter silver kick stand.
    also, DR650s handle freeway speeds better than the drz400 because of their taller gearing. simple air cooled motor that you can easily learn how to work on yourself, saving money on servicing. there are LOTS of aftermarket goodies you can put on them, due to their relative popularity and the fact that suzuki have been making pretty much the exact same bike since 1996. if you treat the bike well it will treat you well, they last forever when looked after. I think there is a guy over on thumper talk that has over 80,000 miles on his, original piston and bore. and they are an awesome bike to go adventure touring on when kitted out with the right gear.
  4. And postie :rofl:
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  5. oh yeah i forgot, and postie!!!

    ...oh, and scooter.
  6. a 650 scooter would be awesome for you, like the burgmann or something similar.
  7. yeah i can relate. i'm 6'4 with a 20inch inseam. i ended up getting a virago and fitting aftermarket ape hangers. very reliable bikes, can highly reccommend. very comfy ride, very cruisey if you're into the scene. but i've debadged mine for fear of being mistaken for a twink. i plan on upgrading to a Harley, but i don't think i'm ready for all that power yet.
  8. 6'4" with a 20" inseam??? And I thought I had short legs, being 5' 7" with a 29" inseam... You should complain to the council for building the road too close to your ar$e! :cheeky:
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    I'm 5' 7" with a 29" inseam too. On the GS500, I can either put one foot flat on the ground, or the ball of both feet on the ground.

    It was kinda scary at first, but you get used to it after a while :)

    Just test ride or at least sit on as many bikes as you can. You'll find one that "speaks" to you. I was dead set on getting a cruiser, but ended up with a GS500F :p
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    I can get the ball of both feet down on the viffer. It's enough. You get used to it after a while.
  11. I'm 6"2 and I have no idea what an inseam is. lol.
    If anything, I find most bikes cramped. My Hyosung GT250 was ok, got it because there was no Lams at the time and it was the biggest most 250 sports bike i could find.
    My R6 is awesome, but still a little cramped too but I put up with it coz i love it.

    Next bike will be something with a little more room, but as the guys said, get something thats comfortable and something that will help instill confidence. The CBF's are unreal bikes to learn on...very forgiving, very easy to ride...

    I dont think you need to buy a bike that you will keep forever, the best thing is when ur ready to move on up, the world becomes your oyster and its an exciting part of upgrading. Keep us posted. All the best.
  12. I am 6ft tall long body short legs and I ride a CB400SF which is very close to the ground. If you want something a bit bigger in the engine but is still lams than try it out.