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A few 1968 Ducati pics

Discussion in 'Bikes' started by dav, Oct 21, 2011.

  1. Long story short, after 35yrs off the road the Duke yesterday had its first 'good' run. She's a 250,non-desmo but with a race head on top, but my god it has legs. Anyway this has been a longgggg time coming (my father & myself have owned since the mid 90's). Its been sitting in boxes since the mid 70's, dad worked with the bikes owner for roughly 30+yrs. Sadly the owner died (in the mid 90's) & the owners wife asked my father if he wanted to buy it, we went 50/50.



  2. Very, very nice looking bike
  3. That's really gorgeous! Is this restored or original?
  4. Woo...hooo! AWESOME looking machine. She's a beaut.
  5. what a gorgeous jewel of a bike

    how's the electrics? :bolt:
  6. Lovely bike.

    I'm a bit jealous.

    Ok a lot jealous.
  7. Just gorgeous!!
  8. Holy crap!!!
  9. Kernel,
    It's been 'refreashed', the frame was leaning up against a shed covered in weeds, the motor was inside a cupboard in his garage, swingarm, forks, tacho etc.. was in boxes laying around in his garage.

    Yes the electrics was the hardest & longest part, i had nothing to do with that side of the build. The old man made up a new wire harness, we have bought many books/manuals of this bike & every manual has a different wiring diagram.

    Thanks guys/gals for your kind words.
  10. DROOL

    Nice one Dav, I bet it'll put a smile on your dial for amny years to come =D>
  11. very nice!