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A fellow DR Rider

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' at netrider.net.au started by 69SIM, Apr 19, 2016.

  1. So, let me set the scene:

    SibiSibi and myself had just finished work and were heading home on the bikes. I was on The Vibratinator and she was on her Ninja. We pulled up at a set of lights to turn right and a guy pulls up next to us and leans out the window. I'll try and transcribe the conversation as I remember it:

    Him: "Hey! I've seen you riding in the morning!"
    Me: "Yeah prob-"
    Him: "And I saw you just then and said, that's a DR650 2016 model!"
    Me: "Yeah, though the rego says-"
    Him: "Great bikes man, great bikes!"
    Me: "Yeah, I think-"
    Him: "What gear you got?" He looks over the bike.
    Him: "Barkbusters, bash plate, rack..."
    Me: "They came with the-"
    Him: "Those handle bars are sh1thouse, gotta get new ones!"
    Me: "Oh-"
    Him: "Stock tyres are sh1thouse for the dirt! Do you do much dirt?"
    Me: "Not at the-"
    Him: "I got a set of Dunlop 606's on mine!"
    Me: "Ok" - At this point I just let him talk, he seems an excitable chap ;)
    Him: "They're no good for road but on the dirt you can feel them bite into the mud!"
    I notice the lights about to change so I get into first.
    Him: "Is that your girlfriend?" He's looking at Sibi.
    Me: "It's the wife"
    Lights turn green so we start to move, he's moving off faster and shouts out the window..

    There was much mirth happening for the rest of the ride home :ROFLMAO:
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  2. I see you've met my old friend Wayne Kerr. :)
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  3. Wayne knows EVERYTHING about bikes, don't ya know...
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