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A faired Harley!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Bond Girl, Sep 14, 2005.

  1. WTF is it? Just watching Jay Leno on foxtel & he has a faired harley that a heap of celebs are signing obviously for some charity thing but what is it?

  2. Could be an electraglide
  3. Probably an old espisode?
    He auctioned a '05 Road King earlier this year for Tsunami relief that was signed by a whole heap of celebs. 2nd time he's done it. This time it went for approx. $800,000 US :shock:
  4. Think this yellow peril is for New Orleans but $800.000 for a harley? Hope his shrink keeps him in the white coat with the wrap around sleeves for a very long time!
  5. What does it say about the American mentailty if people won't give to help their own people without some motivation of getting something out of it, other than a good feeling??? Here's the spiel from the company that won the February auction...
    Sad, HUH? :cry:
  6. To be honest, I'm pleased to see the company going into a deal where they matched the employees donations. If they were matching 1:1, that means that the staff kicked in $400,000 - knowing that there was no real return to them (except maybe a dink on the company Hog at the Christmas party). How many businesses here would get that kind of cash donation from staff? And how many employers would put in the rest? All the businesses I've worked with have stuck the box of ribbons on the counter and, maybe, sent around a memo. It has been down to the employees to do it for themselves.

    Further down in the press release, they've commited to continuing to match employee donations - even though there's no more prizes to win - so they are prepared to provide unrewarded support.

    I think it's unfair to brand "American mentality" like this. Jon Faine (ABC radio Melbourne) interviewed a bloke who was taking in an entire displaced family of 8 - people he'd never met - and was prepared to support them until they were back on their feet. He, and his church, had decided this would be a mission for the town and the congregation had committed to doing likewise. Because Jay Leno isn't out giving them Harleys, we don't hear about all the "little mercies" that are happening.

    I'm more amused that 60% of their press release is taken up with legal disclaimers. Now that's sad!
  7. Fair comment, Mark, mayhap I was a little harsh......