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A* Edge Drystar Pants

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by r@ndom, Jul 20, 2011.

  1. I am looking at getting a pair of riding pants and quite like these ones (A* Edge Drystar) as they are waterproof and have knee shin protectors as well. They are low ventilation so I am assuming they would not be great in summer and then would have to invest in a different pair (probably the A* AirFlo) and keep these for winter and rainy days.

    Has anyone had these and if so what are they like?
  2. Just an update on the pants for those interested.

    I bought the Drystar pants but the size was too small. So I had to send them back and since we are coming into warmer weather I thought I would swap for the AirFlo pants.

    The daystar pants were a great looking pant and wold keep you warm in winter and dry if it rains. Feel like they would be a great fit if you get the right size! Not too loose and not too tight around the legs. Knee protection can be replaced something better than the foam inserts and also has hip padding. I will definitely look at getting these once winter comes back around.

    Airflo pants are textile and quite loose, not as fitted as the Drystar pants. Long zipper from the boot to the inner seam and the side zips look like they would be good to let air in while riding although not sure how practical that would be if you had an off! I thought it was a pocket zip. Has 2 external pockets but not zip. They look like they will be comfortable in the hotter days and have foam knee padding, although can not be removed and upgraded.

    I wish they had the Drystar design/style in an airflow style as I prefer the fit of the Drystar, compared to the looser fit of the airflow. Looking forward to giving them a test ride.

    I bought these pants from ebay from the seller km_motosports. Very very helpful and fast shipping. The 2nd pair of pants took just 6days from the US.