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? a double battery system in a small bike

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by zoomer, Apr 25, 2007.

  1. a double battery system in a small bike can it be done ?

    did a search but no info need wiring information

    dont like the 6 volt battery but stuck with it unless i can find a solution

    if I use a 12 volt battery would the 6 volt system existing charge
    burn the points condenser coil bulbs are easy

    making a battery bracket to mount is easy
    its the bikes charge capability and load problem IE bulb size pionts and condenser
    dont want to rewire a secondary system on the bike but if i had to

    would like to to put an isolater switch but dont know how so the battery would charge

    mainly to add extra lights for night riding and

    a lot to think about
  2. You can run two 6v batteries in parallel and you will still only have 6v, but there will be less load on each battery. If you changed to 12v, then you would have a whole world of problems, mainly everything electrical needing to be replaced with 12v counterparts or expect them to not work.
  3. +1
  4. ok sounds good
    as long as both batterys charged up

    to 6 volts thats great

  5. Spot on!

    You can run two of the same battery in parralel, which should in theory share load between the batteries and double your potential current availability (not counting overheads). Bear in mind that if the batteries get a bit low, this could also put too much load on your reg-rec and/or dynamo/Alternator?
  6. Couldn't you just buy a better 6V battery? Better as in higher current rating? I know some people make some mods to put a 14A battery in my bike, when the standard is only a 10A - helps get the bastard started easier. :p
  7. the lights are too dim and drain the battery a lot at night

    some riders take out the bulbs so the battery isnt drained

    head light has to stay on at all times on our roads

    I was thinking of adding an extra head light and larger indicator/stop
  8. Your problem is NOT the battery. It is the charging system. If the lights get dim/dimmer the charging system can't replace whats being taken out. 2 options really get the alternator/generator rewound for larger capacity or don't ride long disytances with the lights on :cry:
  9. persactly, what i was thinking reading this.
  10. :inquisition: darn it