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A dose of brave pills and jump in.....

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by 748girl, Nov 25, 2005.

  1. I have been lurking for quite some time and finally joined up at the Expo. It has taken me a very long time to summon up the courage to write these first words! I have enjoyed reading the forum so far and even had some good laughs! I have also been meaning to make it to coffee for some time too, but there doesn't seem to have been a suitable time for me (us) to attend - after all I understand from extensive reading that Ducati riders like a coffee, but don't seem to do much else! LOL! but I promise to try soon! Will keep reading and may be catch up with some of you soon.

  2. Welcome to the rat race that is the forums. I too have a Ducati and always welcome another rider. There is always coffee on on somewhere, Friday nights at Southbank, mondays both east and west and keep an eye out for a fortnightly one around the Croydon Boronia area.
    I do like my coffee too.
  3. more bloody coffee drinkers and welcome
  4. welcome 748girl! Hope you find us all informative and entertaining...
  5. welcome ... and ill have a short black thanks
  6. Quick one for you 748girl, does your husband ride as well?
  7. Howdy again and thanks everyone for the warm response guys. Short blacks are good and yes, Scumbag my husband does ride - much much better than me. I shouldn't tease you, but this is fun! Mine is yellow with a few carbon fibre accessories, his is red with lots of ohlins (spell checker suggestion is holiness and not far wrong) and makes me feel terribly unworthy everytime I ride it - got you thinking yet?? We do know one another - Cafe Aroma in Werribee last December, Tasmania for Turismo, sat together at the same table for dinner in Devonport....
  8. Hi 748girl... always nice to see another italian bike rider :)

    *wanders off to polish the Guzzi*
  9. Hi ya, go the dukes! :)
  10. Hi 748girl , welcome .
  11. Ah I had a feeling it was you. The Bayside and 748b sort of gave it away.
    Nice to hear from you again. Will have to catch up at one of the coffees one day or maybe even out on the road.
  12. Your wife Brian ????
  13. Welcome to the forum, 748girl, don't take too much notice of the ragging Ducati owners get, it's all in fun. Call in often and contribute, we can all learn from other rider's experience.
  14. Sorry Midnight no it is not. I know who it is.
  15. Sprung! Yes it is me Thought I would join in the laughs and no, Hornet am quite used to the ribbing Duke riders get in the broader motorcycling community - we have even been known to dish out our own particular band of that medicine!

    We do love our bikes very much and are extremely loyal to the brand - it is a passion thing! Although he has had brief flirtations with other marques and has owned Yamaha's, Hondas and Suzukis, but never a Kwaka and he won't tell me why! We have three Dukes in the garage, although only two are running, the other (a round case) needs a complete rebuild - big end problems and too many years of too much horsepower (completely rebuilt Vee Two engine for racing) saw it spit the dummy - one day it will go again and although I couldn't start it (10:1 compression) when he got it running for me it was a hoot to ride, we are currently accumulating bits on ebay as they come up and will do the work at home. We also service the bigger ones and they get the very best treatment. I would also dearly love to own a square case an S2 would be nice and as a later example an F1, a Laguna Seca would be wonderful, but would settle for a lesser example. Dreaming! However, I would only ever own a Duke that makes me smile and even sometimes laugh out loud at the joy of riding such a beautiful bike and all of ours do make me laugh and smile, although the big Red one has given me more moments of fear than my smaller Yellow beastie - Red's brakes are truly awesome!

    Commuting isn't something we do very much anymore - although we sold our car in August and had to wait until a couple of weeks ago to get another, so he was riding to work when on shift and a friend lent us a scooter to do the shopping on. I did ride a bit more during that time but mainly walked as never have to go very far and Hypersports are not much fun for city riding - very hot! I work less than five minutes walk from home - so no point to ride there! Although when I was first learning to ride 10 years ago, I sold the car and did everything on my V25 - it seems a long time ago and there was a Ducati Supersport in between that and the 748. The SS taught me heaps - Oh that steering lock and that deceptive neutral light - I cried when I traded it! Although in many ways I feel that I still learn everytime I go out on the bike! and that is one of the things I love about riding, the constant dynamics of it, the road, weather and me - never the same twice, althought to quote somebody very wise - "the older I get the faster I was" and I try to only ever ride as fast as I can see!

    See you later and Scumbag say Hi to Mrs Scumbag I am sure she will leave us all well behind come NDR time!
  16. Hi from one Ducati girl to another!! I suspect we would have met too, as I was also at Turismo last year.

    Welcome to Netider!

    :D :D :D
  17. Howdy Lil and thanks for the welcome, of course we have met, several times - although it has been a long time since we really saw each other - it would have been Turismo last year. Cos I don't count saying Hi in passing at the Motogp this year at Steve's place, I meant to come back and catch up more properly but you had nicked off! You will know me when you see me!