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A disturbing trend...?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by 2000VTR250, Jan 9, 2010.

  1. This could just be me. It seems that cagers approaching a T intersections of late feel the need to leave braking to the very last second, usually stopping their vehicle over the unbroken white line they're supposed to stop behind. Obviously this is a problem because it concerns me that I may be t boned as I cant tell from the excessive speed of the car approaching a stop sign, if they will stop!

    Im not sure this happened as much as it did when I was riding in the early noughties?

    It sure is irritating in any case and serves no purpose....

    cessation of rant.

  2. Its just you -- your old and paranoid - like me - welcome to the old farts club
  3. A little paranoia is a good thing :)
  4. Oh that started happening the same time people stopped indicating to change lanes.
  5. for me its always the 'p' plater girls, they stop real late like that plus when they are following they sit right on my ass, its like they try and see how close they can follow, happens both on bike and in car.
  6. Agreed and they along with tradies are the worst when it comes to driving and using a mobile phone

    surprisingly I have noticed over the last ten years that young males overall seem to be driving better - have yet to see one driving/using phone and they dont tailgate etc - in fact the large majority seem to be very well behaved and skilled road users

    where as the young women have become very aggressive behind the wheel

    PS -- Im so old I fart dust
  7. I'm at the old end of the young male group nowadays, but I'd be inclined to suggest that the reason young males tend to be better drivers than they used to be has a lot to do with the fact that we were targeted specifically by police and legislators for a number of years...
  8. i actually get more spooked if a car DOES indicate...like, holy shit i've never seen one of these idiots do THAT before!...what the hell is this clown going to do next???...a three point turn in the middle of the road?....reverse into me?? ....why would a car indicate just to change lanes?...unlikely.
  9. i see this a lot.

    that and people taking formula 1 racing lines. you know, they swerve right to turn left. or dont go fully into the left lane to turn left. they make it from the right hand lane..
  10. It's just you. I've been pissed off by it for thirty years now.
  11. As someone who was born in the first half of the last century, I can assure you that none of these "trends" are new. They've been there all the time, it's just that, from time to time, you notice them more.

    Yes, a little paranoia IS a very helathy thing to have.
  12. Nothings changed, you've just gotten older. The only really new hazards on the road are the mobile phone users. And they would be just as bad without them anyway.
  13. I can also think of quite a few stop signs where if you stop at the line you cant see the traffic but need to come forward a metre or so to see. And given the same people that decide on speed limits put in stop signs, I can understand people treating them as give way signs.
  14. Bogans are breeding smart people are waiting for the right time...

    What do you think is going to happen to the human race? (Rhetorical)
  15. I had something similar to this that happen this morning. I had my right indicator on, looked at the person looking to turn from the shopping centre driveway (with a give way sign facing them) onto the road and they looked back in my direction so I thought they saw me. I was totally wrong. They looked but didn't see. The only stopped after they looked forward again and saw they were going to end up in my door if they kept going. I thought for a second there they wouldn't stop. Maybe it is because I carry a bike licence.
  16. The most disturbing trend I've noticed is that more people seem to get angry for their own mistakes, rather than just waving to say sorry.

    For example a ute shot straight out in front of me the other day causing me to hit the brakes in the van. I honked him in a "whoa look out" kinda way, and he just gave me the finger.

    How hard is it for people to just acknowledge it if they've had a brain fade and caused a situation?
  17. Yeh it seems these days that drivers licenses come free with every $20 prepaid fone recharge.

    I find myself getting in road rage heaps over the last month or so, same thing they do something stupid you call them out on it and they go crazy. I also get people frequently trying to intimidate me and it doesn't work which only infuriates them more. Yesterday I was on a ride with my gf (she was on her bike). This guy was stuffing around in front of us doing 40 on his mobile approaching a green light so i gave it a few revs to gee him up to get a move on and he doesn't. As soon as it opened up to 2 lanes we both go around him. He then floors it up next to me and sits next to me on the white line trying to show me that he could side swipe me if he wanted to. I held me ground next to him and ignored him. Finally the traffic opened up and i cruised off through the traffic when he then forces his way in between us. He then proceeded to block my girlfriend for the next 5 mins. I saw her changing lanes trying to get passed him and he kepted changing lanes infront of her then the lights went oranage and he slammed on the brakes as hard as he could infront of her. I saw it in my rearview so I turned around on my seat and made some angry hand gestures at him. I try to keep a cool head about this sh!t, I used to get really worked up by it but I've come to accept it as a daiy thing now. But going out of his way to f*ck over a small framed P plate girl on a bike is asking for it. I was so angry i floored it off into the distance so i didn't come across him again and do something I'd reget.. My gf finally got passed him on the freeway another 5 mins later..
  18. I blame ABS.
    “No worries officer, I have ABS”.
  19. Had a cop that did this to me. In his own car, pulled out straight across two lanes without bothering to check if I was in the second one. Then he had the hide to get out, show me his badge, come over and say do you have a problem with my driving. That was while I was driving, not on the bike, and they're the ones that are supposed to have special driver training...
  20. You seen the movie Idiocracy? It explains what will happen to the human race...maybe.

    I get paranoid...Red P girls with friends in the car, Grandma and Grandpa out for a sunday stroll, Mobiles, Soccer mums, Ford Territorys (Been a month on the bike, and nearly killed by 3 of these!!), taxis and my biggest fear of all....Driving instructors - Yeah, i know, the people that teach everyone else seem to be the scariest to me...I've seen them on the phone, change lanes around a corner at a set of lights into me, veer randomly, tailgate and one even reading a map and driving. They now scare the **** out of me!!
    So brakes, and that 6th sense are the best things to have!

    Ps. I really think they should stop giving out licences in every pack of Corn Flakes!