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A dissenting Olympic Voice

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, Aug 11, 2007.

  1. The designer of the main Olympic stadium in Beijing has refused to be photographed near it, branding the China Olympics as a public relations sham. And he's Chinese!


    Memories of humiliation in the past, and China's awful human rights record, are being conveniently ignored in the orgasm of praise and gushing anticipation world-wide, but are not as easy to forget for those who suffered them.

    I wonder if the US Olympic Federation will have the guts to boycott these games on the grounds of human rights violations, as they did with the Moscow Games?? I'm not holding my breath.....
  2. the US boycotted the Moscow games because the russians invaded Afghanistan not for the reasons you stated.
    Should the london games be boycotted because of the Iraq invasion?
  3. Next thing you're going to suggest that the Sydney games should have been boycotted because of the English invasion, I suppose :roll:.

    The Russian invasion of Afghanistan wasn't a violation of THEIR human rights, though was it????
  4. I'm stating that you posted the wrong reasons for the US boycott of the moscow games.
    they never mentioned human rights they mentioned a fullscale invasion of a sovereign state by another country on a pretence much like the Iraqi invasion today.
    Your point about colonialism 200 years ago in less enlightened times is irrelevant in the context of this thread.