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a dingo stole my baby!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by nibor, Nov 14, 2007.

  1. well, more like an insurance company, and it was a motorbike, im not a father yet. and they actually wrote it off. but yeah. my baby is dead :(

    was in at AAMI this morning, the repair quote was only $4000ish for a bike valued at $6300, and i probably could have reduced it a bit. but nooo, the assessor is like "well we dont know if they missed any damage to the frame etc", well what the fark is the point of a quote if its not taken as accurate??

    called AAMI just before, looking at insuring another VTR250, i needed a quote. the premium for my original '04 vtr was only $559. i got thru the details for an '06 vtr, and get quoted $2347 :shock: :shock: :shock: we tried the quote without my accident, and with an '04 model, and still the same :shock:

    it turns out the operator who originally did my quote and policy, put in the wrong category number, the entered 00 instead of 02, or some other crap. this reduced my premium from $2347 to $559 :grin: :grin: :grin:

    so i spose ive already saved $1800, well, kinda. but i really dont wanna have to pay so much for my next insurance... :(

    arrggh how am i gonna cope without a bike for a few weeks :cry:
    and who's gonna dink me to coffee nights? :LOL:
  2. :cry:

    I'm sure someone would love to let you be their beatch :p
  3. mate, How the hell is it supposed to cost 2k to insure a 250? That's f*cked.. get a few quotes.. +1 for the assessor for writing it off.. Thats better for you not to have to ride a damn repaired (almost writeoff)
  4. I'm not surprised...I think I said yesterday that they would probably write it off...bummer though!

    But hey - new bike shopping is always fun!

    That insurance quote is insane...ring around and see what else you might be able to get...yikes!
  5. bummer about the insurance quote. hope you won't have to pay the extra premium since it was the operators fault.

    definitely give Insure My Ride a go, they seem to be the cheapest of all ATM.

    Ever thought about a bike different to VTR? Maybe a 4 stroke 4 cylinder naked maybe ;)
  6. yeah but insurance for a bike thats the same as mine, but an IMPORT, would be even worse. such a shame, i was set on you lil hornet *cough*. haha actually that was the other bike i was really looking at getting, theyre a nice little beast, especially with the dual zorst conversion like yours.

    mmm i wont be paying any extra for my previous premium, the payout is already finalised and everything. i reckon its a bit of a laugh tho :grin:

    called QBE just then, theyre good for $1400ish, muuuuch better. but then theres the excesses... $300 standard, plus $350 age, $250 inexperience, then another $500 imposed coz of my one and only farkn crash (that i claimed :p the other doesnt count, thank god). THEEEN another $300 or something rediculous if its stolen.

    what i dont like is the all the other excess count even if its stolen, but my age and riding skills has jack sh!t to do with some random stealing my bike...

    but they do offer $4000 gear cover, up to $2000 per item. and agreed value was only $50 more than market, which is pretty sweet.

    insuremyride quoted me around $2400, i could drop it to $1100 but then my excess would be $1500 or something rediculous.

    such a shame i cant be your biatch, Trin :p then again i dunno if i wanna be on a bike knowing scumbag or cejay are in 'control', if you can really call it controlled :p

    arrggh all these costs! lol at least i dont have to pay rego in december :grin: no need for new tyres either :grin: and the modifications are gonna have to wait. all i need is a new bike :(
  7. Contact a bike dealer and get them to check the insurance with Swann.

    I have looked at a new S2r1000 through insure my ride and it was heaps more expensive than what Swann was offering.

    There is a person who goes to Tues coffee that has access to the Swann system (Steve).
  8. Why anyone would insure their bike with aami is beyond me.
    Weatern QBE Swann and some of the sponsors on netrider are way cheaper and are motorcyclist specialists.
  9. Obviously the assessor didn't take into account the extra value added to your bike with the bug that was crawling around INSIDE your speedo :rofl: That's easily an extra $1000 right there :p
  10. i called AAMI for a bike quote and they told me they wouldn't insured VTR 250's as it was on their "restricted list"

    well they are a powerfull bike you know :wink:
  11. Well at the moment I'm on hold to CGU(Swann) trying to find out why the hell my initial quote of $379 has now turned into $879. So far they can jam it up their ass!

    They also kept me on hold for 40 mins when I rang to take out the quote. I'd hate to see how bad they are if you have to claim! :mad:
  12. Just made a claim with AAMI, on hold for a while but was pretty good actually. Very polite lady on the other end of the phone
  13. Mate for your 250 try Insure my ride..

    Only other 2 would be Swann and WQBE..

    Good luck mate. It sux the premiums they charge.. :evil:
  14. A dingo stole my baby.....................

  15. i think last time i asked SWANN it was more than $1400. AAMI have been quick and helpful to me so far, so i have no problems with them. it was my choice to delay the assessment 2 n a bit weeks.

    have a mate works with AAMI, he is gonna try n pull some strings tomorrow, see if he can reduce the quote, but atm it looks like QBE for me.

    and cheers Triway, that brought out a grin :grin:
  16. i told qbe i was a member here got a 25% discount whoops lol
  17. how come you ended up claiming it with insurance? i thought you fixed most of it yourself?
  18. It's alright Nibor! Your baby put up a good fight on being taken away! It took the truck driver at least 3 attempts to get your bike on the tray, if it was indead your bike in the vermont office of AAMI this morning.

    I feel your pain
  19. hey chris, long time no see.

    nah this was another crash :p down GOR, washed out cornering over oil.

    Mach - aaahaha that'd be right :grin: if it was a lback VTR then it was no doubt mine, id be surprised if AAMI had 2 of them in 2 days considering how few they insure. hows your claim going?
  20. On insurance:

    Just spoke to QBE (after telling CGU to jam it up their ass for stuffing up the quote so badly). QBE are currently offering a price guarantee thing - they will beat any other quote. On top of that the chick was very helpful and knowledgeable (she sounded hot too). :grin: