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A definite vent

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Kev Murphy (Scooter), Jun 11, 2014.

  1. Friday last week, I had a request for some computer help from a friend in Mount Gambier. It's an hours run, (roos permitting) I needed to top off fuel for the return trip to Portland, but while waiting to pay at the register, a car pulled in behind the pumps next to my bike. 4 guys stepped out, washed their screen, and left.
    When I returned to the bike, the thieving mongrels had stolen my gloves.
    Then discovered that I have a broken wire on my grip heaters, right hand. Was a painful trip home with 100k hail belting my bare knuckles.
    Gloves have been replaced, and repaired my grip heaters, all set for another run to Gippsland this coming weekend.
    Many people look at me oddly if I ride in the rain, but the ST 1100 is a very dry bike, and I wear the appropriate wet weather gear, so it doesn't really worry me?

    Nowhere in the above have I inferred ethnicity or racism towards the mongrels who nicked my gloves, all I will say is that they were non-reflective indigenous persons.
  2. Whats that got to do with it?

    Yes, its racist.

    Sorry about your gloves.
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  3. It really is irrelevant to the story of what race/ethnicity they are.

    Sorry to hear someone stole your gloves.
  4. Non inferred but inferred. Arseholisheness is non racial, everyone is guilty of it, including the non inferring types.
    If you hadn't mentioned that last sentence I'm sure there would be more sympathy but it is somewhat tempered by your non inferred attitude.
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  5. More importantly, did they drive Holden or Ford?
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  6. Its irrelevant to the story what ethnicity they are bro... lol

    If a white bloke stole your gloves would you feel the need to include it?
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  7. Really? You've done both the "I'm not racist but..." and the "It's OK because I have friends that are that race".

    Throw in a "There is nothing wrong with being proud of who you are" and you've got the whole set.
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    What if it were a group of chicks that'd nicked his gloves? What if Kev had said 'all I will say is that they were not male persons.'
    Does stating that fact make him sexist?

    Don't ask me - i have friends that are female

    *You know i just made that last bit up.*

    @Incontinentia@Incontinentia .................. thanks, i just spat my coffee over the keyboard ;)
  9. See actual racism. That's far better IMO. Making excuses for it is cowardly. If you think it's important to the fact that the people who robbed you were a particular whatever then say it. If you think it is inconsequential then don't. But don't try to make out like your racist views are not racist, it's just pathetic.
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  10. the German chap stage left.
  11. You're all NAZIs.
  12. Never seen such an uptight bunch of hand wringers... just enforces my attitude of being a lone traveller, and not part of a group scene.

    Have fun knocking other riders, I'm out of here
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  13. ^^^ Will be sorely missed
  14. Shame you uptight hand wringers you, now look at what you've done.
  15. LOL

    no one cares you racist bigot.
  16. Sorry mate. I really didn't mean to knock another rider, or have any fun. I mean, really us riders gotta just stick up for each other, right?
    (goes away ashamed wringing hands in an uptight sort of fashion).
  17. Another sinker.
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  19. But he thought we were racist.