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A Dead Moped

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by deadman, Nov 23, 2013.

  1. Well we were off on a 2500 kay cruise through the high country last week, All twelve of us very keen to do the ride,

    So after doing the E-J Road and getting into the Whitfield road,
    On a tite right Hander,
    My glasses fogged up, I got into a bit of gravel and stepped off the road onto the gravel verge,
    There is one bloody rock direct in my path, The only bloody rock, 130 mm in diameter,
    The Moped hits it, and drops straight out from under me,
    Im doing 50 or 60 KPH, Just cruising, Bang. its gone,

    All the Fairings on the right hand side gone, Etc Etc,

    So I check it out, Scratched up badly, But nothing broken, But this time I waited and got help to pick it up with out busting my pooper,
    So we were away again, Hotham, The same day, is in another thread,

    2500 Kays later, I take it in for an Insurance quote, Today,

    Swann have already approved the repairs or what ever for the Moped,
    They have written the Moped off, I will find out for sure at the end of next week, When the full quote goes in, But it will be well over the max allowed, to repair,

    So it will be a New Second Hand Blackbird for me coming up,
    A Pretty, Slow, Blue One, Hahaha This time around,

    Me, I got a tiny bruise on my hip, A small bruise on my chest,
    My new Aldi water proofs are Kaput,
    They actually stood up better than I thought, They definately didnt get shredded, And I rode with them all week after that, including over Hotham, 3 hours later,

    Here I am a week later, My Bikes a write off, Just as I ran it in,
    It just clocked over 70,500 Kays, 354 Kays only are not mine,

    Its a 2006 model, I bought it in 2008, It was a 2 year old Demo Bike for Metro Honda, It was my 60 th Birthday present to myself,
    I only rode it one day in a whole year, I lost my licence and sailed my boat home from Fiji, 2011 was Kaput for riding,

    So 70,500 kays in four and half years aint all that bad for an Old Fart, On the Old Age Pension, Fun Riding only,

    This is for all the people who do know me and have ridden with me from Netrider over the years, and thats a lot of you,

    Ive seen you wobble down the road to becoming absolute hard core riders,

    Ive even seen quite a few of you form relationships,

    So now you all know what is happening, to me and The Moped,
    I will be getting a new Blackbird, A Pretty Blue One this time,,
    And Im not going any where soon, Hahahaha

    Shit on it, I dont even have the tiniest bit of gravel rash to brag about, No cuts, No slashes of skin, No gravel imbedded, No burns from the fireball,

    And I didnt have any leather or kevlar crap on either,

    It will also have the risers on the new one, Hahahaha


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  2. Hi Brian, Glad you are OK, very sorry to hear of the Moped's demise. A hard core machine. See you back out there soon. (y)
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  4. Deadman... sounds like a poor old reliable horse that broke it's leg and had to be shot...

    Sounds like it served you well. Good thing you're not banged up.
  5. Glad it worked out ok for you and you are looking forward to more and a new bike.
  6. Nice write up Brian, you came down but were determined not to let a little mishap get in the way of what was an absolutely AWESOME week of cruisin' the High Country. Sad that the Moped will be retiring (but I'm sure someone will pick it up from auction and bring it back to life).

    You were one of the first Netriders I had the pleasure of meeting and riding with and now that the new bike is on the way, it looks like there'll be plenty more of those rides in the future. Let's see you do another 70,000kays(y)

    Can't wait to see the new 'Bird with the risers:)
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  7. Sorry to hear the bike's dead, Brian, glad you're ok!
  8. Glad you are Ok,
    bikes are replaceable ,fogged glasses are a pita ,I keep the visor open a smidge to let air in ,enjoy your new ride when you get it :)
  9. Good to hear that you weren't hurt @deadman , shame about the bike though .
  10. Takes a bit more of a tired bike laying down for a rest to stop me,

    A bit pissed off that I dont have a mark on me to show for it,

    At least I had a bit of gravel rash on my butt to brag about when I chucked the Kwaka down my gravel drive, Naked, Hahahaha, Well, Jocks, Beanie and Moccys, As near naked as you can go,

    Not too sure about a Blue one, Now, You have to wash them all the time,

    I Dooooont think so, Hahahahaha, Im a Rider, It gets washed when it rains, Hahaha

    But I certainly like that Pretty Candy Blue Colour on it, It wont be Pristine with me,

    Colour is the only difference between all the FI Blackbirds,

    And its a bike that can keep up with me,

    Definately another Blackbird, By the time it gets old, I might be too, Hahahaha
  11. I got to take my hat off to you mate, a lot of people would have got the sulks,pulled the pin and gone home or rode TEC for the rest of the week. Not you and I got the GoPro footage to prove you were still riding well in the mid field too. Hope to ride with you again one day mate.
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  12. My first time ever riding TEC and I got called into action after two corners :)

    Glad you were able to get going again and enjoy the rest of the week, you and the moped shrugged it off, any off you can get up and ride away from with bike and rider in one piece is a good un I reckon.

    Good luck with the new ride, post up a piccie when you get it - cheers!
  13. Must be the time of the year. I had a get off a few weeks back too. Came off a bit worse than you though. Few days in hospital. Can't remember a thing. From about 1 hour previous to the event. Lost about 14 hours memory somewhere. Busted collarbone and a couple of bleeds on the brain apparently. Wearing all the gear, but still have quite a chunk of skin missing off my elbow, which requires dressing changes every day or so, even though the leather jacket was not holed. According to mate who was following behind, it was the most unspectacular highside he's ever seen. At a whole 40 or 50 km/hr on a freeway onramp. Riding like an angel. Bike is fine. Sh!t happens. Was probably the ABS brakes. Ha.

    PS Are the risers going on the new steed?
  14. blerdy hell man, get well soon.

  15. Ouch, It dont take much to put you in the deep sshit,
    Sounds like you hit some thing solid, They make a mess every time,

    Shit happens, Your still here to laugh about it, Thats all that counts,

    Yep, The risers are a part of the bike now, Need a new dead wombat for the seat covering, Mines cactus, Saved a lot of the damage, The rack and the risers took the impact,
    Crash Knobs would have poked a hole in the fairing any way, And broke the tang off,
  16. I was talking to the insurance company today, They are very annoyed with the company that did the quote for the Bike Repairs,

    Their dragging their feet On The Quote, Insurance suggested I go else where to get my bike fixed,

    Insurance rang back this Arvo,

    My Moped is a Write Off,

    Assessor will be out on Monday for a look see, He will tell me what he reckons about it, Then it will be carted off for storage till settlement,

    Got my eye on anther one with all the Bling, Solid OEM Panniers and Top Box, Crap

    Tyres, Heated grips, Crap Tyres, Fancy Mufflers, The Trendy Ones,) Hahahahaha,

    Crap Tyres, Immaculate, and El Cheapo, Crap Tyres, Low Kays, Good Tread, Crap Tyres,

    Second hand, Its probably been thrashed, Hahahahahahahahahahaha. and some more, Hahahahaha,

    Thrash a Blackbird, Hmmmmmmmm. I think Not,

    I Personally dont like Black Blackbirds, The colour does nothing for me,

    But the Black ones are a lot cheaper and have more Bling on them, Damn it,

    Oh Well, Till the cash is in my hand, I cant do any thing but look,

    Drool, Drool, would be closer to the Truth, Hahahahaha,

    I have no Complaints with Swann so far, They are right on the Ball,

    Add more Monday,
  17. Gutted.... But glad you're ok mate. Great bikes, those birds.
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  18. Hey Brian,

    Hope you'll get the new steed soon! You would have loved doing the Willow Grove Rd twice on Sunday - I know how much you like that one.

    And I can vouch for your not holding back after the little mishap. You certainly went down the EJ Road at a pretty good pace on the last day!

    Keep on riding!
  19. How's it all going, any word from insurance? Is the Bird you had your eye on still available?
  20. Just waiting on the insurance to Finalise and give me the money, Then its all go,

    Its still running with a few watchers, Hahaha

    There is a Nice Blinged up Slow Blue one, Cheap,

    But no dollars as yet, So its a matter of wait,

    I rode the 750 Kwaka the other day, It aint no Super Chook, Hahahahahaha
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