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A day riding with my old Man

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Drew, Nov 6, 2006.

  1. I was settling down yesterday morning for a day of solid relaxation with a few bike mags and the PC.

    The phone rings and it's Dad finally wanting to go for a ride with me!! :woot: Ive been trying to get him out for a ride since i got my bike

    "yeah Dad, sure"

    So change of plans but even better than i had planned.

    We spent the day doing back roads and bendy bits From Kyneton to Lancefield, Woodend and up and down Mt Macedon. (We stopped for coffee at the top)

    Was really windy down on the flats (was riding at a constant lean most of the way) but it was really clam up on the mountain.. colder too.

    Cornering and bends got a lot better.... even negotiated the hairpins on the mountain with some degree of confidence.....(still fairly slow but I came out the other side...which is awlays good)

    On the way down, i went into one corner way to fast in to high a gear..... dunno what i was meant to do but I just grabbed the ctutch a bit to reduce power to the wheel and gave i little rear brake (had enough presence of mind to stay off the front) and leaned in harder...... and made it round ok........ Clench Tightly was riding pillion with me i think... :LOL: :LOL:

    Got lost a few times taking wrong turns but that just meant we got more bends to play on.

    And now for the BAD bit :( :evil:

    On the way down the mountain i nearly had a head on with another bike riding like a jerk.....on a corner he was coming up and was rounding the corner on my side of the road!!!! Misseed my by only a small distance as i saw his eyes go wide and we both swerved and managed to avaoid disaster. Scared the hell out out of me and rattled me for the next few bends. Clench was back riding pillion again. :LOL:

    Dunno what bike it was... Dark coloured naked with dual headlights (Speed Triple??) was all i saw.

    Riding hard is fine but please stay in your lane!!