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A Day of Stunt's , Model's and Police

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Bangr, Jan 21, 2007.

  1. Howdy all

    I do think at times my life is blessed (some times cursed) :cool:

    Just had to share with you a day with Uncle Bren (not always this boring)

    Consider while you read this I was at work today . :cheeky:

    I will first off all state that last night at the watershed coffee night I had one of the best nights I have had in a long time , It was so great to see evry one together again , was a very happy boy :grin: , cant wait till the next one. Sorry to today

    The day started with a few work things to sort out , then a run out to a little stunt day thingy , was a small crowd there when I got there (10) , did some good mono's (for me) , the area picked was a little short for me and a little nervouse about the road conditions , but had some fun , managed to bend the number plate I had the back end squat down that muck (explains the marks on the tyre know). :moped:

    From there a screem back to work (do a little work) and load the bike back in the van , drive over to BlackRock area and unload the bike , Time to do a photo shoot for (www.show-ponies.com.au) Show Ponies , they also wanted a Harley :-s (I dont know why ever) and George was more than happy to help me out , So the arvo was spent seeing 10 models drape them selves over our bikes .

    Here is the good bit believe it or not . While waiting for them to finish with the Harley (Scumbag and Cousin G had turned up by know) I decide to go for a ride , when I get back there are 2 police standing at the bikes (ohh no- oops was my thought). So wrong was I , got off the bike and started to have a chat to the boys in blue. :eek:hno:

    The comment was made that if a bike was to go past on the back wheel , due to the fact that they were on foot they would not be able to catch them (how much more incouragment did I need) .

    Gear back on and off I go , a warm up run past , U turn and past the hotel , looking to my left with a huge grin on my face , on the back wheel and part of my viewing crowd were 2 great guys in blue. :-w

    I can only but hope my sunday's are going to be more like this . Pictures will be posted soon of the photo shoot , lets say the bikes have never looked so good . :cool:

    To top it all off I have been asked to do some more with the company .

    The life and times of The Munkey :bannanabutt:
  2. thanks mate, my bike has never looked so good :grin:

  3. Whoah, DuHast - that's one hell of a number plate light you've got there. :LOL:
  4. That pic would be 100 times better if the right side 10-20% was cut off :LOL:

    Sounds like you had a top day Bren, I got to see about 5 minutes of your riding before you left *snaps fingers* Hope to see more next time :grin:
  5. Thanks for letting me know btw. :roll: :LOL: :LOL: Nah, I'm happy for ya :rofl:
  6. Geeeeeez DuHast, some people will do anything to get their bike a bit of shade eh'. :LOL: :p
  7. Well that pic has just TNTedME, is there any hidden camera's under your seat :p :LOL: I would be framing that picture on my wall if I was you :cool:
  8. It took a few hours to recover.
  9. We left the Blue Ribbon ride somewhat prematurely.
    Our mission was to make our way to a beachside location pronto: Manoeuvre with extreme prejudice. :cool:
    If my tyres weren't scrubbed in on Saturday, they were on Sunday. :grin:
  10. I bet you lucky bastard, if only they needed an FJR :)
  11. I radioed Sgt Scumbag to congratulate him on the success of our mission and was glad that we had communicated via hand signals as I had suffered an unfortunate case of cerebral and glossal (tongue) dysfunction for a number of hours. :shock:
  12. Well I hope you all choke on your latte's.

    Walks away muttering stuff about italian sports bike riding p00fs... :p
  13. The old problem of not enough blood to run both functions at the same time...? :p
  14. with a bike accessory like that I could do a lot of things prematurely. :grin:
  15. Yeah my invite must've got lost in the mail too Seany... :(

    my Sunday arvo involved watching a few gals similarly dressed to the one standing over George's bike, some were in naughty nurse and police uniforms :eek: :grin: but for every girl dressed like that there were about 10 guys simarly dressed :shock: :eek:hno: never a dull moment in StKilda :LOL:
  16. Bling never sleeps...
  17. I expect a tip off to the location of the next shoot Bren!! :grin:

    Hurry up and post your photos and all is forgiven :wink:
  18. +1 :WStupid: :WStupid: