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A day at the dam - Strathgordon

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by darklightBoy, Jan 28, 2008.

  1. It was a nice day. Little cloud cover, plenty of sun. Even the west coast was going to be fine and dry for once. What more could you ask for in a day to ride out to Strathgordon/Lake Pedder?

    Usual meet at Joe's Garage, just before ten. Had a turnout of eight bikes to begin the day. Smack (Ducati 1000SS), Techno (Monster S2R), Twingirl (SP2), Wobbygong (Norge), Dim (Zephyr), Leecy (ZZR250 - Yellow), Hayden (GSXR-750), and myself (ZZR250 - Blue).


    Off to New Norfolk where some added in fuel, gathered the group back up. Headed out to Maydena for our first stop. A drink here, some more petrol there, what looked like some tinkering on the SP2, and set off for Strathgordon. Split up pretty quickly, Dim and Hayden firing off ahead, Leecy and myself on the ZZRs sitting about the same area, with the others somewhere behind. The road out to Strathgordon's pretty nice, fairly open for the most part. The road surface takes a bit of getting used to, with a fair bit of quartz from the surrounding hills used in the making. Strangely enough, they still painted the lines white on an almost white road. Let's hear it for Tasmanian thinking.

    Techno caught up from the back of the pack at some point, headed out ahead. Came across Dim on the side of the road, kept going as he had the camera out for the posers (pics dim?) :p, got in to Strathgordon. By this stage I was in the front couple with Techno and Hayden, with Leecy and Dim somewhere behind. Who knows where the rest of them were. Straight through Strathgordon/Lake Pedder, and up to the Gordon Dam. Beautiful place this.



    Dim, Leecy, Hayden and myself took a walk down something like 200 stairs to the dam wall itself, which you can walk along. Some beautiful views, and discussions of flying foxes, abseiling, climbing and throwing the new guy off the wall. Down there for a bit of time, we eventually managed to haul ourselves back up all the stairs to find our four bikes on their own. We'd been ditched! Rude... :LOL: Not to be deterred, we hopped back on and found our way back to Lake Pedder for some lunch. They've got a lovely little restaraunt there, do a good steak, plus a local "Pedder Burger" (no bull!).

    Still had plenty of time, so we headed on back at a leisurely pace. Well, us on the ZZRs did, Dim and Hayden did the usual. Gathered back up at Maydena for some petrol, and bee-lined it back into the city for some post-ride drinks at Joe's. All in all, a great day out. Good road to ride, able to test yourself a bit without going too far.
  2. No bull, but definitely some cow in those pedder burgers. :LOL:

    btw what happened to the ride report of your 'other' trip nate?

    Some extra pics from the road side


  3. The elders on the fast bikes decided to take it easy. You try riding that road with sportsbike suspension! I had planned on stopping where DIM was taking pics, nice lookout, and the 3 kilos of custard that some flying dinosaur left on my visor needed seeing too. Caught up with Wobby at Lake Ped, he'd seen the dam before. decided since TG won't ride that road again (and I'm of the same opinion) she better see the dam. I've seen it before. Had a quick look, waved to Dim and headed back to where we left Wobby. He'd gone, so $12 of standard ULP between us and about to leave when Techno showed. Thought a slow trip back would have you catch us at Maydena, waited there and had a burger.

    I'm spoilt, only going to do the roads we don't tell the mainlanders about from now on.
  4. Have to agree with that. There were couple of times i was almost launched off the bike, mind the suspension on the zephyr is a tad bouncy.
  5. Nice to hear Smack & TG were taking it easy - I was going like the clappers (for me) and may even have leant over to 15 degrees! Whilst the Nog is a bit of a barge on tight stuff, at least the suspension soaks up almost all the bumps. Only slightly "interesting" moment was the chopped-up tarmac along the lake shore.

    After a leisurely lunch and waiting, waiting I headed back, and missed the sign (is there one?) for the turnoff to the dam, so just kept on 'till Kingston.

    Good ride.
  6. I had a good day. Some of those roads can be a bit scary. The last time I did it was several years ago with the Italian club. An old guy on a beemer lost it on one of the sharper corners . He walked away though.

    Here's some more shots just to prove you young'uns went out on the wall.


    and the bikes at the dam.

  7. I bet they were spitting over the edge of the dam wall! :LOL:

    That's right.....that road is bumpy as hell, and i didnt like it at all.
    My back is kiling me, the SP2 is lethal on those roads..and it's go nothing to do with it's speed....honestly, tassies roads are so great, but rough as hell.
    I'm agree with Smack...I'm spoilt, and now will do the smooth ones!! :LOL:

    There were some interesting overtaking moves too.... :evil:
    The ride back with Techno and Smack was great fun!

    Good day out..I've seen the dam.....meh.... :grin:
  8. Hey! I only did that once!! :LOL:
  9. mmm, i do believe i'm guilty for the overtaking stuff, like i said when we got back into joes after, i was actually quite mad at myself for doing that - i never ride like that!!!!! there was one time in particular where i almost didn't hav enough space 2 move back in line so had to do the quick swerve-in.... :( but omg i gotta disagree with almost everyone bout those roads from westerway thru to the dam, i haven't had so much fun on the roads yet!!!! loved the sweeping corners, open but just lovely :) Mr bee enjoyed them too, we loved the world together again yesterday, mmm....... :wink: apart from the roads that looked like they were covered in snow/gravel/some other kinda weird stuff, that was odd, never seen road like that before......
  10. Been meaning to have a quiet chat to you, to help make you a safer rider. Nothing too serious, just a few tips.