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A cute sight this morning

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by edgelett, May 5, 2006.

  1. Weather was rather wet this morning so I decided to leave the 2 fiddy at home & catch the bus. got to a set of lights, and a red VFR pulled up alongside my window. On the bike was a bloke in his riding gear, and his son was on the back, in his school uniform with his school bag on his back.

    The kid would have been around 8 or 9 years old, & was hanging on to dad as best he could with his little hands. The boy glanced over at me so I gave him a thumbs up & he grinned inside his helmet. Dad took off when the lights turned green, taking it nice & easy as the roads were wet & his son was on the back.

    Was a cute sight & made me smile.
  2. Sweet Edgelett :grin:

    I took my kids to kinda and school on the bike. This is my last year of school runs though...The youngest can get the bus next year :woot:
  3. ...chicks... :bolt:
  4. I love the looks we get when I have my daughter on the back. She's 10 and has the same coloured hair as me, so all you see out the back of our helmets is a long red pony tail. Quite obviously mother and daughter :grin:
  5. I ride with my daughter every week I have her. She is 8 and goes to and from school all dressed up in her school uniform, black jacket and jeans :) She loves to go to and from school. Loves waving to other bike riders and chats with them when she can.

    No sorry I dont ride a red bike :)
  6. Still on my L's so my 13 year old son is going to have to wait a bit. He's gagging to get on the back though. You can forget school runs - have you seen how much crap kids carry these days? You'd need a bloody trailer ...
  7. i dont know how i'm gunna manage with the twins :( have to get a sidecar or something i guess...
  8. my daughters grown up with me having a bike. She knows to carry little when she is with me.
  9. My son is only 15 months old and I can't wait to get him on the back of my bike. I live on a few acres and have an ATV that my son drags me over to every time we are outside and I take him for a ride. I also give him a ride on my GSXR down my long driveway with him sitting in between me and the tank while I move at walking pace. Now everytime he sees a motorcycle on the road he points and gets excited. I think a peewee 50 is coming along in a year or two!
  10. You can borrow Richard's Honda, mate :LOL:
  11. I'd love to do a school run with my girls, but the school is across the road, so it's a bit pointless, LOL.

    Maybe when they're in secondary school, which is several years away.
    But then they'd fight over who gets to go on the bike :roll:
  12. This was a coffee night , my middle son he is 10 ( i have 3 boys)
  13. Mate, that's just sensational. Your son must love it.
  14. My son is too young to ride with me at the moment I can't wait to take him with me. Curently I just sit him on the tank and plod along the drive way its good to see the grin on his face.
    The boy can already touch the back pegs though but as his only three I'll give it a few more years.
  15. My two oldest ( 12 and 10) love is but the fart arse around a lot on the back .
    The youngest hasnt got the strength to hold on yet and his feet dont touch the pegs properly yet either (he 's 5)
    I have taken them on a few rides , long ones and into coffee etc , but as much as I like having them on the bike they get me in the shit.
    I get home and they go straight in too mum and dob me in for things and mum up's me for the rent.
    so they have benn told , they can bragg to there mates , but not to there mum , what happens on the bike stays on the bike .
  16. I can't wait to take my son or daughter for a ride...... a few years off just yet!

    Although i do take my son around the driveway, and he just loves it!
  17. My 9 year old boy loves being on the back of the Vulcan for trips to the footy etc. Got him some leather pants on eBay and getting him a jacket shortly. I've nicknamed him "Marlon Branflakes". My 6 year old daughter has only been around the block with me a few times but she loves it too. The sissy bar gives them a bit of confidence. Son has a Yamaha MX80 & daughter has an electric chopper look-a-like thing. Here's a photo of son & I the day I picked the Vulcan up, prior to the sissy bar getting fitted.

  18. Can't wait to be able to take my nephew (8 y.o) on my bike... he hasn't shut up about bikes (Honda's mainly) since I got my bike and he used to be "Holden this... and Holden that"...

    Breaks his little heart when I tell him that I'm not allowed to take him on my bike yet until I'm unrestricted :( atleast he gets another year of growing coz he's a bit of a shorty and I'll be on something other than the 250 by then as well :grin:

    My nieces... forget it... they like the look of bikes but won't even sit on it while it's stationery to have their photo taken... but hopefully in a years time they'll change their mind :)
  19. That's 2 of my 7 nieces and nephews... he's (Joel) the one that won't shut up about bikes now and even did a school project on the History of Honda... knows a lot more about them than me now :LOL:

    Hayley (niece on the bike) might be up for it but isn't there an 8 y.o age limit at the moment for pillion passengers?? If so, she'll have to wait 3 years... (yep she's 3 years younger than Joel and the same height :p )